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79898If an Alien fleet were on its way to Earth...........

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  • Chocolate Lover
    Jun 11, 2014
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      So say there is a huge fleet of alien ships on the far edges of our solar system.  They are not sure where they are going but governments are told they could possibly be flying past and slip by Earth, but they are just not sure..

      Then as the months roll on the fleet is closer and looks like it's headed for Earth.

      They then get communications from the aliens asking if they can land and start negotiations, negotiations to leave their ships and live on Earth........

      Do you see this going very well if it were to happen for real?

      Or would world leaders mess this up?

      I'll probably freak out a bit. The stock market would collapse....... Money would mean nothing anymore.

      I don't see this ending very well if it were to happen.

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