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  • janlafata
    Dec 20, 2013
      Happy everything gang! The latest SciFi News has just been posted. Now with Christmas only being less than a week away, you might think that I skimped on the good stuff and produced a "light version". Well I did lay-off some of the usual elements, but I also added an overall holiday tone to some degree so there's plenty to look at for sure. Also, and I did this just for you Rob as a gift to our fearless leader over the years...I included not one, but two documentaries on Ray Harryhausen. Some folks may have seen one or both of these before somewhere, but if you haven't, I hope that everyone has a chance to at least go through some of it. They're informative and entertaining, and the video quality is real good So wherever you are...Enjoy

      Jan LaFata
      SciFi News