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Re: [SFC] Re: Introducing myself

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  • Gareth Jelley
    From: magellia branti ... I m still in the middle of both of them, but I ll give you my first impressions. Moonseed is really
    Message 1 of 32 , Feb 6, 2003
      From: "magellia branti" <oorganokey@...>

      > -What did you think of Moonseed /Baxter and the Golden
      > Globe/Varley

      I'm still in the middle of both of them, but I'll give you my first

      'Moonseed' is really gripping, and I'm looking forward to seeing what
      further tricks Baxter has up his sleeve. The characters range from the
      really interesting, if slighly cliched, to the less interesting and more 2D.
      But Baxter isn't writing a novel /about/ these characters, in a
      psychological or emotional sense, but rather he's writing a novel about a
      series of events and developments and dramas, which touch on these various
      lives. He's very good at exploring how people react in certain situations,
      to different events. And the imagination behind the events and the drama is
      crucial - Baxter is brilliant at constructing tension and excitement out of
      a heady mix of space travel, geology, and exploding planets.

      'The Golden Globe' is a completely different book, so far as I can tell. I'm
      in the early stages, but because it is written in the first person, in the
      voice of a particularly zany space-thespian, the characters and events
      really spring to life off the page. This one looks like it'll be great fun,
      but one which requires careful attention.

      Hope this helps.

      More when I finish them.


    • dominic_lopez
      ... I ... (The ... think it ... the day I ... Now I don t feel so bad about not finishing it. ... the ... The loaning of books is good for authors in general.
      Message 32 of 32 , Feb 14, 2003
        --- In sciencefictionclassics@yahoogroups.com, DerHexer@a... wrote:
        > remember when the sequel to Niven & Pournelle's Mote in God's Eye
        > Gripping Hand) came out in hardback, I rushed down to buy it. I
        think it
        > cost $14 or $17. It was a poorly written book and by the end of
        the day I
        > was upset, angry and felt I;d been cheated.

        Now I don't feel so bad about not finishing it.

        > Does this cut into the authors' royalties? I'm sure it does. Let
        > authors pressure the publishers to lower their prices.

        The loaning of books is good for authors in general. It helps
        introduce new readrs to their work who are then more likely to buy
        books in the future. If someone stops paying for an autor's work
        because the quality had declined then they have only themselves to
        blame. They're lucky if the dissatisfied reader even wants to check
        it out from the library.
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