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  • bonniac
    LOOK TO WINDWARD-Ian M. Banks grabs at a few old ideas and drops some details around them and makes them his own. I see Niven s RINGWORLD, some Egan and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2002
      LOOK TO WINDWARD-Ian M. Banks grabs at a few old ideas and drops some
      details around them and makes them his own. I see Niven's RINGWORLD,
      some Egan and the end of the book a Simpson's Itchy and Scratchy
      cartoon with a serious sadistic tone. I'm not knocking it this book
      is pretty good. I wasn't as riveted as I was with AGAINST A DARK
      BACKGROUND, but I wont condemn it either. Banks has a tendancy to
      refer to some ideas and expect you to know what he's talking about.
      For the record if you dont know what a sublimed society is, it's when
      a civilization gives up thier bodies to become an entity existing
      only without physicality. I looked in the book backwards a few times
      to see if I missed out on that. Sublime society, whaaat? So this book
      went slow. By page 170 things pick up a lot and the vague references
      begin to flesh out. Mainly this book is about Quilan. He lost his
      wife to the war with the super computer based Culture where utopia is
      seen all over their society in worlds much like RINGWORLD. Complacent
      people pursue pleasures perhaps placidly. The motto is 'Don't *****
      with the Culture' though as there is an unlimited supply of brain
      power behind it. Quilan wants to ***** with the Culture since his
      wife loss. He's hated life since. A sarcastic semi-asshole, all
      sarcasm composer Ziller (also a 5 limbed monkey cat like Quilan) is
      going to present his latest piece while 2 suns blow up from the war
      800 years ago. Quilan wants to be there on the Culture world to watch
      the concert. Not just as an observer, but as an agent of mayhem and
      revenge. Nice. Clues of the coming mayhem come from a training ground
      at the edge of the galaxy where the continent sized behemothaur whale-
      ballon-things float and move around in the green gas clouds
      containing rooms with connecting sphincters and wildlife parasites
      that are intelligent. Ok so can I recommend it? Yes. I would prefer
      you got a hold of AGAINST A DARK BACKGROUND since it has many more
      interesting situations and original ideas though. OK?

      -Pullcartpubeal Klamp
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