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Re: Peering Beyond the Big Bang to the Universe That Existed in the Aeon Before Ours

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  • Blueslover
    Finally got around to reading this (my fault). Very interesting concepts. Penrose has been around for a while and does have SOME credibility, ya know. Be
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2011
      Finally got around to reading this (my fault). Very interesting concepts. Penrose has been around for a while and does have SOME credibility, ya' know. Be interested to hear what Hawking thinks of this idea. Thanks for posting it.
      Granpa G (aka Blueslover)

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      > URL to an interesting article in Daily Galaxy
      > _http://tinyurl.com/66u87go_ (http://tinyurl.com/66u87go)
      > So, if the universe is cycling through these Bangs, there could be more
      > than microwave radiation left over from cycle to cycle - how about beings
      > inside a stasis field (to borrow from Larry Niven).
      > First few paragraphs
      > "The circular patterns within the cosmic microwave background suggest that
      > space and time did not come into being at the Big Bang, but that our
      > universe in fact continually cycles through a series of "aeons," according to
      > University of Oxford theoretical physicist Roger Penrose, who says that data
      > collected by NASA's WMAP satellite supports his idea of "conformal cyclic
      > cosmology".
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      > Penrose's finding runs directly counter to the widely accepted
      > inflationary model of cosmology which states that the universe started from a point of
      > infinite density known as the Big Bang about 13.7 billion years ago,
      > expanded extremely rapidly for a fraction of a second and has continued to
      > expand much more slowly ever since, during which time stars, planets and
      > ultimately humans have emerged. That expansion is now believed to be accelerating
      > due to a scientific X factor called dark energy and is expected to result
      > in a cold, uniform, featureless universe.
      > Penrose, however, said Physics World, takes issue with the inflationary
      > picture "and in particular believes it cannot account for the very low
      > entropy state in which the universe was believed to have been born â€" an extremely
      > high degree of order that made complex matter possible. He does not
      > believe that space and time came into existence at the moment of the Big Bang but
      > that the Big Bang was in fact just one in a series of many, with each big
      > bang marking the start of a new "aeon" in the history of the universe."
      > The core concept in Penrose's theory is the idea that in the very distant
      > future the universe will in one sense become very similar to how it was at
      > the Big Bang. Penrose says that "at these points the shape, or geometry, of
      > the universe was and will be very smooth, in contrast to its current very
      > jagged form. This continuity of shape, he maintains, will allow a transition
      > from the end of the current aeon, when the universe will have expanded to
      > become infinitely large, to the start of the next, when it once again
      > becomes infinitesimally small and explodes outwards from the next big bang.
      > Crucially, he says, the entropy at this transition stage will be extremely low,
      > because black holes, which destroy all information that they suck in,
      > evaporate as the universe expands and in so doing remove entropy from the
      > universe."
      > Chris Rohrs
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