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Goldin News Network: 3 new ebooks released

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  • Stephen Goldin
    Dear Friends, Assault on the Gods cover Mindflight cover The World Where Wishes Worked
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2011
      Dear Friends,

      Assault on the Gods cover <http://parsina.com/assault.html> Mindflight
      cover <http://parsina.com/mindflight.html> The World Where Wishes Worked

      Over the past couple of months, three more of my titles have appeared in
      ebook editions--two science fiction novels and one fantasy vignette.

      The first novel is Assault on the Gods
      <http://parsina.com/assault.html>, which some people consider a sort of
      feminist manifesto. Starship captain Ardeva Korrell is used to fighting
      prejudice, both because she's a woman in what's normally a man's line of
      work and because she's from a world with a misunderstood religion. But
      now, on a trading mission to a backwater planet, she finds herself with
      another kind of fight on her hands; she and her small crew must battle
      an army of robots and defeat the tyrannical, god-like beings who have
      enslaved the primitive native population. The task before them is
      straightforward: to storm the gates of Heaven itself!

      The second novel is Mindflight <http://parsina.com/mindflight.html>, a
      science fiction espionage thriller. The government of Earth has one main
      secret weapon in its cold war against its former colony
      worlds--telepathic spies. But what even the spies don't know is that
      once they reach their late thirties, they begin to develop strange
      symptoms that leave them mentally and physically unstable. The Terran
      Intelligence Agency routinely terminates these unstable telepaths to
      keep them from threatening the stability of the project as a whole.

      Alain Cheney is one of the best telepathic agents in the TIA's arsenal.
      For 14 years he's been loyal and dependable. But now that he's showing
      symptoms of the instability, the Agency decides to eliminate him--and
      just when a secret development occurs that could change the future of
      the inhabited galaxy.

      To survive, Alain must find safety somewhere. But he can't trust his
      enemies, and certainly not his friends....

      The vignette is a fairy tale for adults called The World Where Wishes
      Worked <http://parsina.com/wwww.html>. It's very short, but don't let
      its length fool you--it packs a wallop out of all proportion to its
      size. As one reader said, "if you want a fast, funny read, grab this one
      immediately." I guarantee you'll remember it.

      Stephen Goldin <http://stephengoldin.com>

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