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Goldin News Network: Revised edition of Polly! reissued

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  • Stephen Goldin
    Dear Friends, I’m excited and proud to announce the reissue of my recently expanded satirical novel, /Polly!/
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2010
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      Dear Friends,

      <https://www.createspace.com/3498845>I’m excited and proud to announce
      the reissue of my recently expanded satirical novel, /Polly!/
      <https://www.createspace.com/3498845> In one sense, it’s a simple
      boy-meets-girl story—except, of course, it isn’t.

      /Herodotus Shapiro has had an unbelievably bad week. His wife left him.
      The IRS is after him for thousands of dollars. His home/bookstore burned
      down. On his way to take refuge at his brother's place, he got a
      speeding ticket. And now his car has broken down in the middle of the
      desert in front of a large mansion. What more can go wrong?

      But now his world takes a turn for the weird. The mansion has a snowman
      on the front lawn--in the desert, in July. The house, which is bigger on
      the inside than on the outside, is owned by Polly, the most
      preternaturally beautiful young woman he's ever met. Polly is an
      acrobat, a gourmet chef, a psychologist, an international financial
      consultant, a physicist and a woman of who-knows how many other
      incredible talents. She has an unbelievable library, an art collection
      of all the world's great masterpieces, and a print of a previously
      unknown Marx Brothers film. Her toilet paper is actually silk.

      And she seems to have some mysterious plans for him..../

      One GoodReds reviewer called the book “blasphemous ... highly
      offensive.” Several others gave it 5-star ratings. Hugo and Nebula
      Award-winning author Spider Robinson said this:

      /*All hands on Decalogue!*/ A protagonist readers will find it easy to
      identify and empathize with, a classic journey story told with wit,
      wisdom and deceptive ease, and the most interesting guest star
      ever--what's not to like, here? Perhaps writers who attempt a book like
      /Polly!/ wanna crack or two across the face for their audacity (to
      parrot conventional wisdom)--but not if they can manage to pull it off
      this entertainingly.

      So ... ya pays yer money and ya takes yer choice.

      The book is available in both paperback and multiple ebook formats.
      There’s a special holiday weekend deal on the ebook version. Buy the
      book from the Smashwords page
      <http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/34606?ref=sgoldin> and enter
      coupon code AV74C (not case-sensitive) and you’ll get it at half price.
      But hurry; the coupon expires Sunday, Dec. 26. Whichever edition you
      prefer, I hope you’ll give the book a try.

      Have a happy holiday season, and pleasant reading!

      Stephen Goldin <http://stephengoldin.com>

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