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Goldin News Network: "Agents of ISIS" now complete in paperback

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  • Stephen Goldin
    Dear Friends, All 10 volumes in the Agents of ISIS decalogy are now available as print-on-demand trade paperback editions. I m actually feeling quite
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2010
      Dear Friends,

      All 10 volumes in the "Agents of ISIS" decalogy are now available as
      print-on-demand trade paperback editions. I'm actually feeling quite
      relieved. In all its various versions and editions, this is a project
      that's taken me many years to complete. I don't know if I'd call it my
      life's work. I wouldn't even call it great literature. But I think it's
      fun and entertaining, and people seem to enjoy reading it.

      Maybe it's like a builder who finishes a large construction project. No,
      Frank Lloyd Wright's reputation is in no danger, but this is well
      constructed, it holds together, and it services people well. I'm proud
      of what I achieved. To quote Stephen Sondheim's song "Finishing the Hat"
      in /Sunday in the Park with George/, "Look, I made a hat/Where there
      never was a hat."

      If you go to my Parsina Press online bookstore
      <http://parsina.com/isis.html>, you can get coupon codes for $2.00 off
      the list price of each title. And of course, the books are available in
      ebook editions as well.

      Now, in addition to new projects, I'm getting ready for the end-of-year
      transition of 6 more titles from Midnight Shocase Fiction to Parsina
      Press. Excitement abounds.

      Stephen Goldin <http://stephengoldin.com>

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