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  • Stephen Goldin
    Dear Friends, My YA novel /Crossroads of the Galaxy/ has just been published by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2010
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      Dear Friends,

      <http://parsina.com/crossroads.html>My YA novel /Crossroads of the
      Galaxy/ <http://parsina.com/crossroads.html> has just been published by
      Midnight Showcase Fiction in paperback, HTML and PDF formats--with, I
      might add, a gorgeous cover. This book is my tribute to the Heinlein
      juveniles and Andre Norton adventures I so enjoyed reading when I was
      growing up.

      Young Alex Bredakoff always wanted to be a star trader. But it wasn't
      until his family moved to the Nexus space colony and he met Kasinda
      Venderling--daughter of a trader, and someone who's been plying the star
      lanes her entire life--that he realized how truly exciting--and
      dngerous--his life could become.

      But when you're in a runaway starship with a kidnapped alien prince,
      flying straight into a sun, it's a little late to re-evaluate your options.


      I'm also proud to announce that Books 3 and 4 of the Agents of ISIS
      series, /Robot Mountain/ and /Sanctuary Planet/, are now out in
      paperback format. As usual, there are $2.00 off coupons if you buy them
      through Parsina Press <http://parsina.com/isis.html>.


      Some more excerpts from /The Business of Being a Writer/
      <http://parsina.com/business.html> have also been reissued in ebook
      formats. If you're seriously interested in being a writer, you should
      look them up. Many people have complimented me on the helpful advice
      they contain.

      Stephen Goldin <http://stephengoldin.com>

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