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9761Re: [SFC] Re: [Hard SF] World population expected to increase by 40% by 2050

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  • Brandon
    Mar 3, 2005
      raybell_scot wrote:
      > --- In sciencefictionclassics@yahoogroups.com, Brandon
      > <jchance@a...> wrote:
      >>But "Utah" isn't on the list. The United States is.
      > Therefore Utah is part of the figures.
      > National figures are often highly misleading or mask other factors.
      > You can't really compare Uighurstan or Tibet with Shanghai or
      > Beijing, nor can you compare properly Utah or Alaska with California
      > or New Jersey. Large countries need some kind of breakdowns on them,
      > for that reason.

      No, you're clouding the issue. Pulling out one locality
      within the U.S. that has a high population growth rate makes
      no more sense than pulling out one locality that is rapidly
      losing population. The only important fact is that the
      U.S., as a whole, is not contributing to world population
      problems. Neither is Europe or, if you can trust their
      official figures (I don't, but what the hell) the PRC. The
      major real growth is in third world countries, which are the
      ones who can least afford having more mouths to feed. If you
      ignore that, you sabotage any effort to solve the actual
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