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6405Re: [SFC] Solaris - some spoilers, but don't worry about it

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  • Ignacio Viglizzo
    Dec 16, 2002
      I've seen Solaris now, an I must confess that, if not totally bad, it was quite
      pointless to redo it, after Tarkowsi's movie, which I recall as being better
      (at least more accomplished in being disturbing).
      Lucius Shepard posted a review:


      He's spot on when he says:
      George Clooney (...) When called upon to project fear or existential confusion,
      he merely succeeds in looking as if he has eaten some bad clams

      --- mjbphotos <mjbphotos@...> wrote:
      > What a waste of time (going to this movie) and effort (making this movie)!!
      > Despite a grande-sized Starbucks coffee, I almost fell asleep an hour into
      > it. Clooney really cannot act - he might as well be "old stoneface" in this
      > one. The characterization at the movie's start were weak, not even leaving
      > you guessing about the characters, instead thinking "who cares?"
      > The "sci-fi" part of this movie - the 'space station' over the 'planet'
      > Solaris, and the spaceship ride there lacked any real science to them. One
      > shot of Clooney in the 'pod' heading from his ship to the spacestation (with
      > reflected instrument readouts on his helmet's face screen) was a complete
      > ripoff (homage?) of Bowman's ride in his pod in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The
      > CGI of Solaris was pretty, if vague and not particularly real-looking.
      > Nothing is explained about the Solaris 'phenomena' to Clooney before he
      > travels there, and nothing gets explained about it by the end of the movie,
      > either.
      > Any 'message' in this movie was completely obscured by conflicting scenes, so
      > having never read the book or seen the original movie version, the viewer
      > leaves the theater thinking "what the�?"
      > Just my opinion!
      > Mike B
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      . Ignacio

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