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12194John Barnes' Daybreak trilogy

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  • derhexerus
    Oct 17, 2013
      I just finished the third bird of John Barnes' Daybreak trilogy.  This was a good satisfying read.  The characters had depth and breadth, the dialog was good, and the story line was well crafted.  He is dealing with memes in this series - ideas that control people.  Barnes also brought up some questions that were satisfying to think about.  IMHO, John Barnes is under-rated as an SF author.
      There are three books in the series
      • Directive 51
      • Daybreak Zero
      • The Last President
      I'll give a brief summary.
      In 2024 a group of people calling themselves Daybreak release viruses worldwide.  The nanobots attach electronic and electrical equipment; the bioswarm attacks petrochemicals.  Within a few weeks seven billion people have died and civilization has collapsed.  The Daybreakers also set off hundred megaton pure fusion devices in Washington, Chicago, LA, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and London.
      The Daybreakers want to destroy human life.  They have been programmed by memes carried though the Internet, songs, etc.  If Daybreakers are captured they can't be interrogated.  The Daybreak meme in their brains will send them into seizures.

      There is also some sort of launching device on the Moon that fires pure fusion devices at places on Earth that generate radio traffic.
      The mystery here is where did Daybreak come from and what is it. 
      Barnes does a good job of depicting the survivors' attempts to hold onto a civilized society and the early 19th Century level.  The characters were well developed.  There are definitely good people, bad people, amoral people,  weak and strong people.
      At the end Barnes does not depict the defeat of Daybreak, but a way that civilization  and Daybreak may live together.  He also provides some answers to where Daybreak came from.
      Well worth reading
      I recommend buying and reading these.  The first two are available in paperback, the last just came out in hardcover

      (Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change)