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11950Re: [SFC] Baron Harkonnen as an evil Elmer Fudd

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  • Aleus Mundi
    Oct 15, 2011
      That's why I prefer the degenerate, cruel and ultimately inhuman monster
      which had enough well-orchestrated 'screen time' in Frank Herbert's original
      Dune book. Otherwise I'm not interested in Kev and Bry's shallow fanfic. For
      moi only the six original novels are canon. For all means I do not meant to
      impose such criteria to you all. Read what makes you feel alive, what makes
      you feel travelling through a universe greater than life, but remember that
      as Bob Silverberg said in one of his witful tales: "Friend reader, it's me
      the character. In the real world only YOU make a difference, why? who are
      you? why are you taking me from the tale? Listen they don't want you to know
      that you cannot silen...!"

      On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 7:31 AM, scottwright1272

      > **
      > After reading the book and following series I couldn't stomache the Lynch
      > version. For one, the portrayal of the Baron is so cartoonishly ridiculous
      > and deviates so drastically from the cunning and controlled Machivellian
      > strategist that he was in the book, its almost as if Darth Vader became evil
      > Elmer Fudd. In a Byzantine Empire, full of plots and back plots, such a
      > deviant could never survive or be taken seriously and would, like Caligula
      > or Nero, have been killed by his soldiers or more likely his nephew Feyd.

      The Transmundial rules all

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