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10414Current that warms Europe weakening

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  • derhexer@aol.com
    Dec 1 6:27 PM
      URL to an article in CNN

      The only SF that I can recall about Europe being frozen out is a short story
      by Stanley Weinbaum in which the Gulf Current starts flowing in a southerly
      direction. Any others?

      It is an interesting speculation about what history might have been like if
      northern Europe had the same climate as Siberia. Or, how a freezing Europe
      might become the basis for future science fiction stories.

      First few paragraphs
      (CNN) -- The Atlantic Ocean's flow between the tropics and cold, northern
      waters appears to be weakening, which could drastically alter the weather in
      Europe, a newly released study shows.
      The findings, published in the journal Nature, found that the Atlantic
      Conveyor flow slowed by about 30 percent between 1957 and 2004.
      The cycle of flow, technically known as the "Atlantic meridional overturning
      current," plays a key role in warming northern Europe.
      This conveyor belt process "brings heat northward, gives it up to the
      atmosphere, and we benefit in England from having the winds pick up this heat and
      blow ... relatively warmer air over us," said oceanographer Harry Bryden, one
      of the study's authors. "So that's what gives us a good climate even in
      wintertime in England."

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