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Re: [School Survival] International Walkout

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  • Talon Anyname
    well my name is Josh Davis and i live and go to school(or did) go to school in North Carolina...but since the last message i sent you i dropped out of
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 24, 2008
      well my name is Josh Davis and i live and go to school(or did) go to school in North Carolina...but since the last message i sent you i dropped out of Highschool and im goin to graduate early...but i still want to help those that are still stuck in the hell hole

      --- On Sat, 12/6/08, Fire Elf (none) <ognisty.elf@...> wrote:
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      Subject: Re: [School Survival] International Walkout
      To: schoolsurvival@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008, 6:33 PM

      Well, this thing is really a bit dead now, but it's still good to hear there

      are other people who want to do this. Although I'd like to know more about

      who you are, and about your school (like what's the place like. I don't

      wan't the name of your school)

      A few tips though:

      1) You'll need much more then 10 students. Not necessarily the whole school,

      but you'll still need a bit of a crowd. At least have enough that they can't

      fit you all in the detention room.

      2) Try to create an anti-school climate at your school. You don't want just

      have pawns that will follow you as you walk out the gate, you want to free

      the people's minds, so that, they out of their own will will be acting

      against the establishment, and participating in the walkout. This can be

      difficult, but if you can do it, welcome to the revolution.

      3) Don't let the idea of being given a detention scare you. You can always

      just not show up to it. Last year I have been given like 300 detentions

      (yes, that's more then the amount of school days, my school hands these

      things out too liberally), and haven't even showed up to one.

      4) If you want to spread the message thru leaflets, hand them out away from

      the school grounds, so that they can't do anything about it. For example,

      you could hand it out to students on the street (even if they don't go to

      same school as you, i'll talk about that in tip 5) or, if you live in the

      city, on the bus (don't do this if you go to a school in suburbia, school

      rules tend to apply on school buses. They don't on city transit though).

      5) Since forced scholing is an international problem, this walkout is an

      international project. If you have contacts in other schools, tell them

      about this as well, so they can spread this message around their school, and

      other schools if they can.

      6) Join the school survival forum at www.school-survival .net/forums You'll

      find lots of other anti-school discussion there, as well as the official

      (for now) page of the walkout project.

      2008/12/4 josh davis <lilman_0971@ hotmail.com>


      > i would totally be up for this...im sure i can get at least 10 if not more

      > people from my institution( high-school) to do it along with me...just let me

      > know in as far in advance as you can so i can start recruiting.. ..DOWN WITH

      > THE SYSTEM!!!


      > > To: schoolsurvival@ yahoogroups. com <schoolsurvival% 40yahoogroups. com>

      > > From: ognisty.elf@ gmail.com <ognisty.elf% 40gmail.com>

      > > Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 17:45:21 -0400

      > > Subject: [School Survival] International Walkout


      > >

      > > If a walkout at one school can change things at the school, then

      > > maybe, if we were to have in general, many prisoners of the system

      > > (students) walk out, this might knock some sense into the people

      > > imposing the system on us (because they don't seem to know what

      > > they're doing) and perhaps make change or abolish the system (yeah,

      > > the latter is extremely unlikely, but it's something many of us would

      > > want to see).

      > >

      > > So we should have a walkout in as many schools as possible. Not every

      > > school in the world of course, and prolly not most, but still as many

      > > as we can. So for those of us who feel they'll be able to do this, you

      > > should have a walkout at your school, perhaps if you have anti-school

      > > friends at another school, get the in as well. And they should all be

      > > on the same (to be decided later) day.

      > >

      > > This is still, of course, in the early "planning" phase, although we

      > > might be able to eventually do this. It will take a lot of people, but

      > > that's the point of this being sent out like this!

      > >

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