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  • maphisx7
    Nov 13, 2013

      My first  used black construction paper and scissors.  I did a set of the three little boys (or what I call my Huck Finn edition) and backed it with parchment paper.  It has lasted a very long time (30+ yrs).

      I think the last one I did was on a light weight card stock.  You can get so many different kinds of paper these days I think I would like to try mine on some not so busy scrapbook paper.  I use a knife now and as long as you go slow it should work well.


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      Yes that would be cool especially if you backlit it with LEDS.  Thanks Kelly for the explanation.

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      Oh that's a shame. Well I guess the best I can describe it is like a deep frame where, between the back of the frame and the plexiglass the cutting itself was mounted on, there is something between those that spaces those apart. Then there is matting on top of plexiglass cutting-mounting then the top glass. That made the cutting separated from back of frame, hard to tell, quarter or half inch away and so light on the piece would show a shadow of the cutting on the frame back "wall."
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