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3937Re: [Scherenschnitte] Fwd: Wondering what everyone's favorite type of paper is

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  • Jane Unger
    Nov 12, 2013
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      Mine is also calligraphy paper, though I seem to have 2 thicknesses in my stash.  I use tiny sharp scissors rather than a knife, so that might make a difference.  I found some of the origami paper to tear too easily.  I use the origami paper, though, as a backing since there are such nice colors.

      From: Kelly Hurlburt <birmancatsarebeautiful@...>
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      Subject: Re: [Scherenschnitte] Fwd: Wondering what everyone's favorite type of paper is

      Thanks Jane. I have parchment paper that was labeled as calligraphy paper (I dabble in that too) but it seems pretty thick. I wonder if there are different thicknesses if parchment.  The artist at the show said she preferred origami paper. 


      On Nov 11, 2013, at 10:25 PM, Jane Unger <janielou13@...> wrote:

      I usually use either  traditional black/white scherenschnitte paper or parchment.

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      Subject: [Scherenschnitte] Fwd: Wondering what everyone's favorite type of paper is

      Hi everyone,

      > When I was at the Philly craft show this weekend I spoke to Jupi Das about her paper preferences and it made me wonder what others preferred. I've been working kirigami lately and bought what was called kite paper which, when I received it, seemed basically the paper we bunch into gift bags so basically tissue paper. It was easy to fold, crease and cut but the flimsiness of the finished product was not super great. Could be my inexperience, not sure.
      > Kelly

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