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  • phaecilia
    Sep 14, 2013

      I read it first in John Ashdown-Hill's new book, Royal Marriage Secrets.  There's a full page illustration comparing Owen Tudor's coat of arms with Edumund Beaufort's.  Edmund and Jasper "Tudor" both have coats of arms that match Beaufort's, except that they have different borders to show they are cadets.  Ashdown-Hill suggests that Edmund Beaufort may have been as capable of "marital mischief" as Edward IV or Henry VIII.  There's a lot more in the book that's worth reading, but I'll stop here.


      I think Ashdown-Hill's suggestion adds new dimensions to the Tudor Myth.

      This is the second time this year I've seen his research sidelined by a university.  I think he deserves more credit for his work, and I hope he gets it.






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      So what do we all think of the suggestion that Edmund and Jasper were not Owen Tudor's sons?

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