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4912Battle Bruised King Richard III Buried in Great Haste-News Story

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  • dollars_histry
    May 23, 2013
      Please see the story


      It originates from a Live Science article, link posted above. Apparently the King's body lay on public view, 3 days, high summer, "stripped" (not sure precisely what "state" that means!) and then buried quickly.

      The burial site is said to be a Franciscan friary called the Grey Friars. It's said to be demolished in 1538 (hmm! That would be roughly the time that Henry VIII tore down all sorts of Catholic monasteries / convents & other religious orders infrastructure) and put other structures in their place.

      A mansion reportedly was built on the old Friary site, but it too is said to have been demolished in the 1700's.

      I still think of Richard III in not the most positive of ways, but given that devoted pro-Richard III group, "my ears remain open".

      Hope others of this group like this new info!