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Fw: Please help us with Bike Awareness Ride August 8th

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  • Sailreno
    A worthwhile event not too far north if you can support it. Chris Reno ... From: West Chiles To: Sailreno@charter.net ; morganandriulli@comcast.net ;
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      A worthwhile event not too far north if you can support it. 
      Chris Reno
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      Sent: Sunday, August 02, 2009 5:53 PM
      Subject: Please help us with Bike Awareness Ride August 8th

      Please forward to your membership:

      August 2, 2009


      Fellow bicyclists,





      On July 11th, Brandon Kassinger, a fellow rider was struck by a vehicle, fortunately without serious injury. This near tragedy has brought to light more seriously the importance of educating the public, law enforcement and state law makers and cyclists’ alike, as to the rules of the road in relation to bicycles. We are aware of David Meek a cyclist in Chattanooga that lost his life this year cycling and others that you can add to this list that makes this day all the more important.



      Our GOAL’s for this day:  

      Get our Tennessee State Representative and Senator on board in our effort to achieve at least the following goals.

      1st           Have bicycle laws introduced in the Tennessee Drivers Education Safety Handbooks

      2nd          Have bicycle laws introduced as part of the Tennessee Driver’s License Test

      3rd          Have bicycle laws introduced in the education of all levels of law enforcement personnel

      4th          We have the click it or ticket campaign can we have a 3 feet campaign

      5th          Awareness and adoption of the Cycling License plate for Tennessee automobiles

      6th          The addition of rumble strips or other audible warnings to alert drivers that they are encroaching on the bike path

      7th          Educate law enforcement officers and law makers on bicycle safety

      8th          Get other bike clubs to hold similar events that we can come and support in your community


      We encourage you and your club members to help us focus these Goals and contact your representatives to let them know you expect their support on these issues.



      Giles County Bicyclists would like to extend to you an invitation to attend a Bicycle Safety Day to be held Date and Time:

      August 8, 2009 beginning at 10:00 AM

      Place:    Giles County High School.


      Local riders with support from local & state law enforcement hope you will join us for a short ride thru our great city followed by a hot-dog cookout. We will be spending time throughout the morning discussing the importance of the three-foot rule, and other key safety issues as relates to vehicles and bicycles on the roadways. Additionally, Bike Pedlar Brentwood will be on hand to discuss important safety issues for bikes.


      We want to make a big impression so we need everyone and yes that includes you to participate in the ride. Assistance and attendance from area bike clubs to meet our attendance goals is important to show law enforcement & state law makers and members of the community just how passionate we are about safety on the road for bicyclists.


      Please, if you have any questions or need directions to the event do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer any questions you may have.


      Thank you!

      Michelle Whitt                                                Barry Whitt                        West Chiles                        Robert Morgan
      moochelle@...                       931-607-2886                    931-607-7514                    931-309-7606


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