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Midweek Ride 5/20/15 Postyponed until tomorrow

Midweek Ride is postponed until tomorrow, Thursday 5/21/15 same time 5 PM. Drew
Drew Boody
May 20

Join the 2015 Directors Tour d’Arsenal – May 19:

For the 14th year, the DTdA will roll out after work, May 19th, on a beautiful Spring Tuesday to take a tour of the Redstone Arsenal. This self-paced bicycle
Scott Stevens
May 6

Midweek ride 4/1/15

Wednesday’s midweek ride will be a 39 miles with 1 hard climb up Babe Wright, rest stop on top of Grant. Leave from Poplar ridge school at 4 PM.
Drew Boody
Mar 31

Midweek ride

Going to try and get in a ride this afternoon. Meet at Poplar Ridge School at 4 PM. We will do a tour of the New Hope area. 30ish miles. Drew
Drew Boody
Mar 12

Scrubbed: Saturday Downtown Bicycles Etc. Fat-Burner Ride - 8:30 AM

Ugh. I'm down with a cold this weekend, so I am not going to be on-deck for the Saturday Morning Bicycles Etc. Ride. We will try again next week. Sorry.
Morgan Andriulli
Feb 13

Saturday Downtown Bicycles Etc. Fat-Burner Ride - 8:30 AM

It looks like we'll have good starting temps and a nice day for a three-hour ride on Saturday from Bicycles Etc.
Morgan Andriulli
Feb 6

Medweek Ride Wednesday 1/28/15

Tomorrow's route will be a 30 or 35 mile ride, starting from the Poplar Ridge School at 1 PM and going out Scott Branch. http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6881569
Drew Boody
Jan 27

Midweek ride 1/22/15

Tomorrows ride will be 35 (shortens easily to 30) mile ride to Clouds Cove starting from the Flint River Greenway at 12 noon.
Drew Boody
Jan 21

Re: [sccc-roadies] Midweek Ride FRIDAY 1/16/15

I plan to be there at 11 am for tour, but will be doing a shorter loop. Will turn back on Hurricane Creek to make either a 25 mi or 32 mi shorter loop. Will
Ken Rex
Jan 14

Midweek Ride FRIDAY 1/16/15

This week’s ride will be fun and different! In addition to a 45 mile bike tour of Hurricane Valley, http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6789906, we will tour Alan
Drew Boody
Jan 13

Re: [sccc-roadies] Midweek ride TUESDAY 1/6/15

I should have addressed that email directly to Ken Rex's suggested option. Jeannie Sent from my iPhone ... I should have addressed that email directly to Ken
Jeannie Mackay
Jan 5

Re: [sccc-roadies] Midweek ride TUESDAY 1/6/15

The Midweek ride is not a no rider left behind ride unless otherwise stated. That being said we rarely leave anyone to ride by themselves. I usually design
Drew Boody
Jan 5

Re: [sccc-roadies] Midweek ride TUESDAY 1/6/15

I might but I doubt I can keep up with you, at least that has been my experience the last year or two. Will you be riding "No rider left behind?" Jeannie Sent
Jeannie Mackay
Jan 5

Re: [sccc-roadies] Midweek ride TUESDAY 1/6/15

I plan to skip the bottom 8 mile loop and the top 3 mile loop, making about 27 miles. Skipping the top loop should allow me to catch up with everybody, at
Ken Rex
Jan 5

Midweek ride TUESDAY 1/6/15

Tomorrow’s ride will be a 38 or 30 (by not doing the bottom loop) mile tour of Hurricane Valley, starting from the big parking lot just south of the
Drew Boody
Jan 5
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