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Re: Alabama Wheelmen Needs Racers... (fwd)

You asked for it, and so now it's back: the black kits are now available for ordering from Hincapie. Time is short so don't put this off, these particular
James A. Dawson
Jun 18

Alabama Wheelmen Needs Racers... (fwd)

Note the call for racers below... If you are interested in racing with AW please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. James ... Date: Mon, 8 Jun
James A. Dawson
Jun 8

Re: Velogames "Fantasy" Giro d'Italia 2015 Now Open, Mini-League Com

You still have time to enter your fantasy team in the velogames.com website. The cutoff for entering or adjusting your team is 8 a.m. Saturday morning. Only
James A. Dawson
May 9

Velogames "Fantasy" Giro d'Italia 2015 Now Open, Mini-League Competi

Please post this on your facebook page or wherever you think it might gain some viewers! (For general distribution: please feel free to share with your
James A. Dawson
May 4

Scrubbed: Saturday Downtown Bicycles Etc. Fat-Burner Ride - 8:30 AM

Ugh. I'm down with a cold this weekend, so I am not going to be on-deck for the Saturday Morning Bicycles Etc. Ride. We will try again next week. Sorry.
Morgan Andriulli
Feb 13

Saturday Downtown Bicycles Etc. Fat-Burner Ride - 8:30 AM

It looks like we'll have good starting temps and a nice day for a three-hour ride on Saturday from Bicycles Etc.
Morgan Andriulli
Feb 6

Additional Help Needed for Union Grove Time Trial This Saturday

We are very much in need of about 3 more folks to help us put on our race Saturday. It is light duty and you will get fed. Volunteers will meet at 9:30 a.m.
James A. Dawson
Feb 3

Union Grove Time Trial, An Opportunity To Unite!

I'd like to reach out to the spring city groups, riders of all sorts, to come out and enjoy what will be a cycling spectacle unlike any that this county has
James A. Dawson
Jan 23

[alabamawheelmen] Race Calendar 2015 (fwd)

If you are thinking about racing in 2015, here's some dates you may want to know about. Also, if you are looking to attach to a club, be aware that AW/J&H is
James A. Dawson
Jan 11

Saturday Downtown Bicycles Etc. Fat-Burner Ride - 8:30 AM

Shockingly, I'm in town and the weather is passable enough to start the Saturday Bicycle's ETC. ride at 8:30 am.
Morgan Andriulli
Dec 26, 2014

Saturday Downtown Bicycles Etc. Fat-Burner Ride - 8:30 AM

Yet again, I will not be in town to start the Saturday Morning ride from Bicycle's Etc. I'll be in NYC retrieving my wife, who just underwent an operation to
Morgan Andriulli
Dec 19, 2014

Saturday Downtown Bicycles Etc. Fat-Burner Ride - 8:30 AM

This ride is on. The Marathon will affect our route a bit, but the start location will not be fenced in by the run so we should be able to launch northbound
Morgan Andriulli
Dec 12, 2014

AW Kit Orders

We are finalizing the Alabama Wheelmen kit orders by Dec. 4. Now is the time to pay for your order if you already entered one. It's not too late to enter
James A. Dawson
Nov 27, 2014

Saturday Downtown Bicycles Etc. Fat-Burner Ride - 8:30 AM

Argh! It turns out that I have to be en route to Birmingham at 10 AM for Very Important Bicycle Advocacy Stuff. I will not be able to attend the 8:30
Morgan Andriulli
Nov 21, 2014

BASC Town Hall Meeting - Wednesday, 4-6 pm!

There will be an open "Town Hall" meeting of Huntsville Bicycle Advisory Safety Committee (BASC) Wednesday Nov. 19th 4-6 pm at City Hall, first floor. A
Morgan Andriulli
Nov 18, 2014
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