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Big Cycling Event Feb. 5-7, Don't Miss it, Register Today!

Friday: Packet pickup at Taco Mama, 6pm-8pm come on down and mingle with the cool racers and eat some tacos. Rumor has it that there will be coupons for
James A. Dawson
Feb 1

Register Now for 1st TBRA Event, Taco Mama Time Trial, Feb. 6 in Hun

I would like to encourage you to register soon for the upcoming Taco Mama Time Trial. It will be held Feb. 6. The last day to register is Feb. 3. You must
James A. Dawson
Jan 27

Time Trial Registration News

The Taco Mama Time Trial is coming up soon on Feb. 6. We would like to see a large number of our local riders turn out for the race. Please help me get this
James A. Dawson
Jan 17

Re: Links for Taco Mama Time Trial, Discounts Expire Soon!

A battle royale is shaping up for the Taco Mama Time Trial. As we wrap up the early-bird discounted registration tomorrow, we now have 31 entries, with these
James A. Dawson
Jan 3

Re: Links for Taco Mama Time Trial, Discounts Expire Soon!

I need to clarify my message: 1. Feb. 6 is Taco Mama Time Trial: a competitive event, it will be the first event on the TBRA road calendar for 2016, and yes
James A. Dawson
Dec 29, 2015

Links for Taco Mama Time Trial, Discounts Expire Soon!

As we near the end of 2015, please be aware that Alabama Wheelmen is promoting a big weekend for Feb. 5-7. If you have interest in racing, or know folks who
James A. Dawson
Dec 29, 2015

Re: Tour de Yukon: Dry Run

Please remember to come out for this ride. We have a drone for shooting aerial video you don't want to miss this. I will send address via private msg if you
James A. Dawson
Dec 11, 2015

Tour de Yukon: Dry Run

I'm putting this word out please plan to come join us if you can. Please meet me at my house Saturday morning at 8 a.m. for a training ride to the beautiful
James A. Dawson
Dec 6, 2015

[alabamawheelmen] Calendar Video

I made a video as a preview see what you think and share with your cycling contacts if you are so inclined. https://youtu.be/w1IsvUups44 Alabama Wheelmen wall
James A. Dawson
Dec 1, 2015

Wall Calendar for 2016

I have decided to produce a photographic wall calendar similar to the one that I did two years ago. As was the case at that time, I will have cycling events
James A. Dawson
Nov 24, 2015

Re: Bicycle Racers Wanted for 2016

For those who are interested in buying Johnson & Hayes Team Kit, go to this link: https://teamcenter.hincapie.com Access Code: johnson&hayes2015 Under our team
James A. Dawson
Nov 12, 2015

Bicycle Racers Wanted for 2016

I know this forum is seldom used, but in the hopes that there are still a few folks listening, I'd like your help in spreading the word that Alabama Wheelmen
James A. Dawson
Nov 7, 2015

Re: Ride for Justice #2: Remembering Ken Kifer

We're going to have a ride on Monday after work at 5:15 departing from the parking lot next to Bicycles Etc. Here's the route we will average 19 mph and stay
James A. Dawson
Sep 11, 2015

Re: Ride for Justice #2: Remembering Ken Kifer

I am trying to establish a plan and attract some folks to come out and ride as a memorial to fallen cyclists on Sept. 14. I have created an "event" on
James A. Dawson
Sep 8, 2015

Ride for Justice #2: Remembering Ken Kifer

Ken Kifer, an American Original. Killed by a drunk driver on Sept. 14, 2003. How fitting that James Green's killer, who was also intoxicated (on hydrocodone
James A. Dawson
Sep 4, 2015
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