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SCBWI ¤j®vºtÁ¿¤§¤G: 3/17 §@®a¤ §¸ô A Writer's Path

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  • m6chew
    SCBWI-Taiwan¶©­«Áܽбo¼ú§@®a¤Î¾ÇªÌ­ð®R³ì-®Rªi§Q¨Ó¥xºtÁ¿!®Rªi§Q³o¦¸ ±N¦VSCBWI
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2007
      ±N¦VSCBWI ¥H¤Î¥xÆWªºªB¤Í­Ì¤À¨É¦o¦¨¬°±o¼ú«C¤Ö¦~¤p»¡§@®aªº¸gÅç½Í~ ®Rªi

      ¦aÂI: ¸Û«~´°«n©±B2µøÅ¥«Ç (¥x¥_¥«´°¤Æ«n¸ô¤@¬q 245¸¹B2)
      Á¿ªÌ: Donna Jo Npoli µÛ¦W«C¤Ö¦~¤p»¡±o¼ú§@®a»PÁ¿ªÌ
      ¦WÃB: 100¤H¡AÃBº¡¬°¤î
      ¶O¥Î: (¦­¤W / ¤U¤È / ¥þ¤Ñ)
      SCBWI·|­û: 450 / 550 / 900
      «DSCBWI·|­û: 550 / 650 / 1000

      (1) ½Ð©ó3/14 «e±Nª÷ÃB¶×¤J¥H¤U±b¸¹:
      µØ«n»È¦æ(¥x¤j¤À¦æ): 008
      ±b¸¹: 154-20-0316-448
      (2) ½Ð©ó¥ª°¼"Files"¤¤¡A©Î¦bwww.scbwi.tw¤¤¤U¸ü³ø¦Wªí¡A¨Ã±N±zªº³ø¦W¸ê®Æ
      -- ¶Ç¯u: (02) 2219-5501 ¨H¤p©j¦¬
      --E-mail: scbwitaiwan@...

      irenedechen@... ©Î¬O scbwitaiwan@... µ¹§Ú¡AÁÂÁÂ!


      It is our great honor to invite award-winning author and scholar
      Donna Jo Napoli to give SCBWI and Taiwan a glimpse of her experience
      as an acclaimed YA novel writer. Napoli will discuss her life, from
      early childhood on, describing how she became a writer. She'll also
      talk about how to develop a character, how to create distinct
      voices, and how to use facts in building a fictional world that the
      reader can inhabit easily. Donna Jo fans and YA novel writer can
      never miss this!

      Time¡G2007 3/17¡]Saturday¡^ 9:00am-5:30pm

      Place¡GEslite Bookstore ¡V 245 Tun-Nan South Road, Sec. 1, Floor B2

      Speaker¡GDonna Jo Napoli ¡V Award winning speaker and author

      Registration Time¡G2007 2/15 (Thursday)~2007 3/13 (Wednesday)

      Number of people: 100

      Fee: (Morning / Afternoon / All Day)
      SCBWI member : NT$ 500 / 600 / 900
      non-SCBWI member : NT$ 550 / 650 / 1000

      How to register:
      (1) Please transfer by 3/13 the amount to: Hua-nan Bank code: 008
      Account No: 154-20-0316-448
      (2) Please fill your registration form in "Files" from the left
      icons or from www.scbwi.tw, and send your form and transfer info ----
      - via fax to (02) 2219-5501 to Miss Winnie Shen
      -- via mail to scbwitwaiwan@...

      Registration Method¡GNo phone registrations allowed. Please pay the
      fee to the Hua-nan bank account. The course must be paid for in its
      entirety at the time of registration.

      Deadline¡GPlease pay by 3/10, and email or fax this form before 3/13.

      SCBWI members please bring your SCBWI cards with you.

      Information¡G2775-5977 ext. 874 Miss Ou-Yang or

      SCBWI Taiwan have lowered the price for this event due to some
      financial support.
      We also like to thank those who have registered earlier in TIBE or
      in early February. You will get the refund of your exceeding payment
      on spot. Irene will contact you each via e-mail and tell you more
      about the refund. If you have any inquiry, please write to Irene
      (irenedechen@...) or scbwitaiwan@...

      Thank you!
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