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Summer Event III: 8/24 童書插� e工作坊 Children's Book Illus tration Workshop

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    Summer Event III: 8/24 µ£®Ñ´¡µe¤u§@§{ Children s Book Illustration Workshop
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2006
      Summer Event III: 8/24 童書插畫工作坊 Children's Book Illustration


      主題: 童書插畫工作坊
      講者: 黃本蕊 Benrei Huang
      主辦單位: 童書作家與插畫家協會 台灣分會
      時間: 95年 8月24日 星期四 下午7點-9點
      地點: 誠品敦南店 (台北市敦化南路一段245號) 兒童館小教室
      名額: 30人,額滿為止
      (1) SCBWI會員預先付款: 250元 / 非SCBWI會員預先付款: 350元
      (2) SCBWI會員當日繳費: 350元 / 非SCBWI會員當日繳費: 450元
      (1) 預先付款者,請將金額匯入以下帳號:
      華南銀行(台大分行): 008
      帳號: 154-20-0316-448
      轉帳後,煩請寄e-mail 給Irene ( irenedechen@...) 告知
      以下四件事情: 姓名、手機號碼、轉帳日期、以及轉帳戶頭的末六位數字。

      (2) 當日付款者,請於8月3日上課前於誠品敦南兒童館電話預約,
      請撥:(02)27755977 分機 768。當天上課前15分鐘請繳費入場



      Whether you have published or not, as an illustrator, you must want
      to know more about professional children's book illustration. So
      here we come the summer event especially designed for illustrators!
      8/24 SCBWI Taiwan invites Benrei Huang to talk about her expertise
      in children's book illustration and important overall concepts.
      We'll ask our participants to bring your unpublished works for
      discussion. It's better to have one finished painting, any style,
      one sketch or even thumbnails of a story. After this event, you will
      learn more than skills, but also your own career as a whole.

      Topic: Children's Book Illustration Camp
      Speaker: Benrei Huang
      Host: Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators-Taiwan
      (SCBWI Taiwan)
      Time: 2006 August 24 (Thursday) 7:00~9:00 PM
      Place: The Tun-Nan Eslite Small Classroom -Children's Bookstore
      Number of people: 20
      (1) SCBWI member in advance: NT250
      non-SCBWI member in advance: 350
      (2) SCBWI member at door: 350
      non-SCBWI member at door: NT450

      How to pay:
      (1) Those who prefer to pay in advance, please transfer the
      amount due to: Hua-nan Bank code: 008
      Account No: 154-20-0316-448

      After the transfer, please mail Irene (irenedechen@...) four
      items: your name, cell phone number, the date when
      you transfer, and the last 6 digits of your source account.

      (2) Those who would prefer to pay in cash on 8/3, please make phone
      reservation at The Tun-Nan Eslite Children's Bookstore
      counter: (02) 27755977 EXT 768 and come to this event 15 minutes
      before in order to pay and register.

      Author's Bio:

      Benrei Huang is a senior children's book illustrator. Graduated from
      National Taiwan Normal University in 1982, she went on study in the
      school of Visual Art in New York City in 1990. Over 18 years of
      creating, she has published numerous works in Taiwan and the United
      States. Right now she keeps illustrating, and lives in New York
      City, USA.
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