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J. Alison James 來台研討會! -- RSVP before June 2 ( 請於6/2 前回覆 )

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  • m6chew
    J. Alison James Critique J. Alison James is an internationally-recognized editor. Her experience and expertise on editing children s books has overwhelmed
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      J. Alison James' Critique

      J. Alison James is an internationally-recognized editor. Her
      experience and expertise on editing children's books has overwhelmed
      people worldwide. On June 17, we are honored to have her give us
      one-on-one critique in Taiwan, so don't ever miss this exclusive

      Time: 6/10 1pm to 5pm OR 6/17 -- 9am to 1pm

      Place: around National Taiwan Univ.

      Fee: NT$ 1500 per person for non-SCBWI members, $1250 per person for
      SCBWI members

      What to bring: 1st chapter of your novel (approximately 1000 words)
      or picture book (suggested 800 words maximum since this is the
      usually the maximum length for a picture book nowadays). Alison will
      also look at rough drafts of translations for illustrators that
      would like to see their work published in the American market.

      Method of critique: Alison will receive your manuscript in advance
      and give written comments. In addition, she will also meet with you
      one-on-one for 20-30 minutes to discuss her critique with you in
      person. You will be able to tell her ahead of time what you would
      like to get out of the critique, so that she can tailor her comments
      specifically to your needs.

      This event will only be held if at least 5 people join. So please
      RSVP to Irene (irenedechen@... ) by June 2nd to indicate if
      you want to join. (If you want to join, please indicate if one of
      these times is not possible). Also, if neither time is good, please
      let us know if you'd like to see this kind of event in the future.

      For more information on Alison, please visit her website:


      J. Alison James 來台研討會!

      J. Alison James 是國際知名的童書編輯,她的經驗及專業度在國際上已深受
      迴響。SCBWI Taiwan 將邀請她來台灣做作品個別指導研討會,因此想要讓自己
      作品有國際水準指導的作家/ 插畫家千萬別錯過!

      時間: 6/10 下午1點至五點 或 6/17 早上9點至下午1點
      地點: 台灣大學附近
      費用: 會員1250 元/人,非會員1500 元/人

      請攜帶: 小說或文稿的第一章(大約1000字) 或圖畫書(最多800字,也是目前圖
      畫書字數的上限),Alison 也願意為往美國市場做準備的插畫家閱稿,文字粗

      閱稿辦法: Alison 會事先讀過大家的稿件並寫下意見,此外,她也願意跟大家

      在6/2之前回信給Irene (irenedechen@...)! 欲參加者,請標明無法參

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