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Manuscripts needs at Highlights

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  • Kathleen Ahrens
    I m happy to be able to pass this along to everyone. Submit your manuscripts at once! Let them know what a great group of writers we have here in Taiwan!!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2005
      I'm happy to be able to pass this along to everyone. Submit your
      manuscripts at once! Let them know what a great group of writers we
      have here in Taiwan!!!

      Dear author,

      The editors at Highlights have created a wish list of manuscript
      needs. If you're in need of a little inspiration, maybe this will
      help. Below you will find our special needs in addition to all
      regular submissions we always like to receive.

      If you know someone who might find the above information useful,
      please feel free to pass it along. We do not wish to send you
      information you do not want. If you do not want to hear from us via
      e-mail in the future, please click on the unsubscribe link below.


      George Brown

      Assistant Editor

      Highlights for Children


      From Kim Griswell, Coordinating Editor: Arts articles that have true
      kid-appeal. Kids are drawn to all kinds of arts, but they are
      probably not in a museum appreciating great works. We must meet them
      where they are.

      Travel and adventure articles with a kid-friendly focus or a deeper
      meaning to share--a lesson learned, better understood a culture, a
      discovery made, etc.

      From Andy Boyles, Science Editor

      Our guidelines state that our word limit is 800, but articles that
      are even shorter (350-400 words) are especially welcome. We put a
      high value on articles that show science as a process, articles that
      follow a scientist or group of scientists as they try to solve one
      of nature's mysteries. We currently have what we need in the way of
      articles about:

      birds, reptiles and amphibians, insects (especially bees), and

      From Marileta Robinson, Senior Editor

      We need stories for young readers at first- and second-grade reading
      levels, 500 words or fewer. I would like to see stories with
      holiday themes, especially dealing with the real meaning of the
      holidays of various religions. Also stories with sports themes for
      younger children.

      From Carolyn Yoder, History/World Cultures Editor:

      Multicultural articles, particularly first-person accounts.
      Historical looks at major holidays--Thanksgiving, Christmas,
      Passover, Hanukah, July 4, Labor Day. Biographies of major
      historical figures--Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights.
      Articles on immigrant history.

      From Judy Burke, Associate Editor:

      Nonfiction sports: articles that focus on a known athlete (a squeaky
      clean one), those that focus entirely on the development of specific
      skills, and those that address challenges faced by athletes of any
      kind (ex: being smaller than your teammates, staying calm under
      pressure, etc.). Successful articles often include quotes gained
      from personal interviews with athletes or experts and useful tips
      for readers who play that sport.

      Fiction: 800-word stories for 8- to 12-year-olds. Humorous stories,
      Easter stories (no Easter bunnies as characters, though), Passover
      stories, and stories involving Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr, or Eid ul-Adha.

      400-word humorous stories for 8- to 12-year-olds also needed.

      Nonfiction: 300-word activity articles. Successful ones often
      include a short introduction and a few short activities with a
      common theme.

      From Joelle Dujardin Kirkland, Associate Editor

      Crafts: crafts with boy-appeal, games, holiday crafts, and crafts
      from other cultures (with background included).

      Younger nonfiction (450 words or fewer): first-person accounts of
      fieldwork, arts stories, biographies with interesting slants, kids
      living in other cultures, ancient history, animals, details from
      urban life (workers, transportation, etc.).

      Gallant Kids: leads (or articles) on kids doing service in their
      communities--especially children of color.

      From George Brown, Assistant Editor

      I'm looking for puzzles and short activities that encourage children
      to think in a creative way without relying on prior knowledge of
      specific facts. These puzzles should not require the use of pen or
      pencil to solve them.

      I'm also interested in finger-play activities and step and repeat

      General request

      We're looking for proposals for inside-back covers. Since there's
      little text, ideas need to be fresh and clear, possibly with a few
      activities within the page, and clear art instructions.

      Highlights recommends reviewing their submission guidelines and back
      issues at local libraries before submitting a manuscript. Material
      should be fresh and exciting. Guidelines are available at

      Please send submissions to the specific editor listed above, or

      Manuscript Coordinator

      Highlights for Children

      803 Church Street

      Honesdale, PA 18431
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