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Asian Festival of Children`s Content 2010

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  • Irene, Ying-Yu Chen
    Dear all, Singaporean Arts Council will host the *Asian Festival of Children`s Content 2010 on **6 – 9 May 2010 **@ The Arts House, Singapore.* This event
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2010
    Dear  all,
    Singaporean Arts Council will host the Asian Festival of Children`s Content 2010 on 6 – 9 May 2010 @ The Arts House, Singapore.
    This event is run by the Singapore Book Council and co-sponsored by SCBWI along with many other organizations. Many RAs will be there in including Irene Chen (Taiwan), Chris Cheng (Australia), Holly Thompson (Tokyo) and Linda Lingard (Malaysia) and Kathleen Ahrens (IRAC) - giving talks about craft and telling everyone about SCBWI.
    SCBWI members get a 10% discount on the registration fees. Information follows and is attached.
    ARA SCBWI Taiwan
    新加坡政府將於五月6-9日在新加坡舉辦Asian Festival of Children`s Content 2010
    SCBWI 本次與新加坡文化局合辦此活動,並將有許多SCBWI的亞澳分會負責人出席,包括 Irene Chen (Taiwan), Chris Cheng (Australia), Holly Thompson (Tokyo) and Linda Lingard (Malaysia) and Kathleen Ahrens (IRAC),在此四天的活動分享SCBWI資訊與創作及出版技巧。
    Asian Content for the World's Children
    6 - 9 May 2010, Singapore

    Welcome to the inaugural Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC), the first of its kind ever in the region. Join experts from around the world as they debate, discuss and chart new ways on how we can look at ourselves, our heritage and draw out treasures which we never knew before.
    Organised by The Arts House and National Book Development Council of Singapore, the Festival will feature conferences, forums, workshops on writing and multi-media industry for children's content.
    The following events will be held as part of AFCC:
    The Asian Children's Writers and Illustrators Conference (ACWIC) celebrates children's books and media, promotes the writing, publication and production as well as access to Asian Children's content worldwide. ACWIC actively fosters the exchange of ideas and presents enormous networking and learning opportunities for established and budding professionals in the region.
    Target Audience: Writers, illustrators, pre school and primary school teachers, publishers, librarians, literary agents, distributors and retailers, translators, technology solution providers to the industry and other media professionals.
    The Asian Children's Publishers Symposium consist of workshops from leading players within the industry, interactive panel discussions led by professionals, all designed to foster knowledge, learning and strategies for building a successful children's publishing industry.
    Target Audience: Publishers, book and media distributors and retailers.
    The Asian Primary & Preschool Teachers Congress will collectively provide an overview of comprehensive literacy instruction and showcase its best practices to educators, teachers and parents to help bridge the gap between theory and practice.
    Congress Directors: Dr. Chitra Shegar and Dr. Susan Harris-Sharples
    Target Audience: Primary, preschool and kindergarten teachers and parents.
    4. ASIAN PARENTS FORUM, 9 May 2010
    The Asian Parents Forum workshops offer opportunities for parents, and interested individuals to get professional advice, support and information on quality content, children's growing pains, creative experience and potential so that each participant can become more confident and competent in managing the reading habits and learning needs of their children.
    Target Audience: Primary, preschool and kindergarten teachers and parents.
    For more information or to register, visit our website www.afcc.com.sg or drop us an email at jade@....
    10% discount for members of Singapore Book Publishers Association, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and International School Libraries Network. Not applicable for Workshops and One-on-Ones
    £ National Arts Council £ Media Development Authority £ National Library Board £ Ministry of Education £ UNESCO £ Scholastic £ MPH £ Banyan Tree Holdings £ Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore) £ Wheelock College £ Modern Montessori International £ Seed Institute £ The Society for Reading & Literacy £ Associations of Comic Artists £ Library Association of Singapore £ Singapore Book Publishers Association £ French Embassy £ The Little Arts Academy £ Asia Literary Review £ Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians £ The Society of Publishers in Asia £ Siyahi £ Afro-Asian Book Council £ National Book Development Board of Philippines £ Asia-Pacific Writing Partnership £ International Federation of Library Associations £ Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators £ PaperTigers £ Institute of Asia and Asian Diasporas (Binghamton University – USA) £ Brunei Darussalam Library Association

    6 – 9 MAY 2010, SINGAPORE


    Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) aims to foster excellence in the creation,

    production and publication of children’s material with Asian content in all formats

    and to facilitate their distribution and access, first in Asia and then to children worldwide.


    Participants in AFCC will be empowered through networking, learning and working closely

    with the prestigious international writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, publishers,

    editors, translators literary agents and producers of media of Asian children’s content.


            The following events will be held as part of AFCC



    (6 &8 May 2010)


    1.         Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference


    8 May 2010 (Saturday)


    2.         Asian Primary and Pre-School Teachers Congress

    3.         Asian Children’s Librarians Seminar

    4.         Asian Children’s Publishers Symposium


    9 May 2010 (Sunday)


    5.                   Asian Parents’ Forum


    6-9 May 2010


    6.                   Asian Children’s Media Mart

    7.                   Children’s Book Illustrators Gallery



      For more information and registration, visit www.bookcouncil.sg or www.afcc.com.sg    or write to Jade( jade@...)



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