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11/13 SCBWI作家研討會 Writer's Critique!

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  • m6chew
    Hi! 11¤ë¥÷ªº§@®a¬ã°Q·|§Y±N¨ÓÁ{Åo! ®É¶¡: 11¤ë13¤é ¶g¤­ 7:30-9:30PM(½Ð·Ç®É!) ¦aÂI: ¦è¶®¹Ï©@°ØÀ]
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20 7:13 PM
      Hi! 11月份的作家研討會即將來臨囉!

      時間: 11月13日 週五 7:30-9:30PM(請準時!)
      地點: 西雅圖咖啡館
      費用: 飲料一杯
      人數: 8人

      請帶你的"英文"童書創作文稿,規格為WORD檔,2倍行高. 字型大小12,並印出8
      * 小說類--約1500字
      * 圖畫書--900字以下為佳。
      --請假設自己要投稿! 因此越正式越好!

      請於11/8 之前回覆是否參加,姓名.電話以及投稿文類及字數等相關資料

      也歡迎上www.scbwi.org 的網站,並參考"Publisher"欄,以得知有關寫作及投稿的有用資訊!


      Dear all:

      Here comes our Writer's Critique!

      Time: November 13 Friday evening 7:30-9:30pm (please be prompt!)
      Location: Barista coffee (close to Chi-Shan MRT station, red line)
      2F, No.152, Ave. 6, Chung Shan N. Road, Taipei
      (Barista is on the corner of Dur Hsing East Road and Chung Shan North Road, diagonally across from SOGO Tien-Mu store.)
      Cost: drinks at Barista
      Number of people: 8

      Please bring up to 1500 words of an in-progress manuscript (written in English for children of any age). Remember double-space, 12pt font, one inch margins --- pretend you are submitting this to a publisher.

      Also remember for PBs -- shorter (900 words or under) is more marketable! Longer word count is to give middle-grade or young adult writers the chance to read a section of their first chapter.

      Space is limited so please RSVP no later than November 8 to scbwitaiwan@...! Please bring 6~8 copies so that everyone can look at it and comment on it while you read it aloud. If your work is in Chinese, please translate it into English, or give us a summary of your work. Thanks, and look forward to meeting you there!


      Note: Remember to check out www.scbwi.org for lots of relevant information about writing for children. Be sure to take a look at 'Publications' - there is a lot of valuable information there for both SCBWI members and non-members.
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