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Updated info about the Corel Painter Day 有關Corel Painter Day!

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  • m6chew
    Dear friends, ¥Ñ©óCorel Painter Day ¬°¤º³¡ÁܽÐSCBWI·|­û¤§¬ÛÃö¬¡°Ê¡A¦p¦³³y¦¨¤£«K¡A·q½Ð¨£½Ì¡C Dear friends, As
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      Dear friends,

      由於Corel Painter Day 為內部邀請SCBWI會員之相關活動,如有造成不便,敬請見諒。

      Dear friends,

      As Corel Painter Day is a VIP-only event open for SCBWI members and other related associations, we are sorry if this news may not be of help to you. Thank you for your understanding.
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