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68Nancy Mercado's critique in Taipei

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  • m6chew
    Dec 28, 2006
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      *****News Flash**************

      We are very pleased to announce that Nancy Mercado, editor at
      Dial/Penguin-Putnam will be doing a 15-minute critiques on the
      afternoon of 1/31/07 at Tun-Nan Eslite Bookstore. This will be in
      conjunction with her talks at TIBE on 1/30 and 1/31 (more info will
      follow soon).

      This is the first time we have been able to invite an editor from a
      major publishing house to Taipei to give talks and do critiques --
      it may, in fact, be a once in a lifetime event, since we are only
      able to do it this time through the kind sponsorship of the Taiwan
      Bookfair Foundation, who have given us a grant to carry out this

      Ms. Mercado would like to see the first ten pages of your manuscript
      (in English), double-spaced, Times Roman font size 12, 1 inch
      margins (the usual formating). A one-page synopsis may also be
      included (in addition to the first 10 pages). Be sure to give
      contact info at the top of your manuscript and synopsis, and be sure
      to give title and author info in your manuscript header.

      She will critique PB manuscripts, but she prefers MG and YA.

      The cost of the critique will be NT$2000 (similar to the rate for
      critiques at SCBWI conferences in Bologna and Los Angeles, but at
      those conferences you have to pay a conference fee in order to get
      the critique -- so this critque fee is actually quite cheap!)

      As we only have a handful of slots available, I will be accepting
      manuscripts at kathleenahrens@... on a first come, first serve
      basis (with the final deadline of 1/10). If your manuscript makes it
      in before all the slots fill up, Irene will notify you to send
      NT$2000 to the SCBWI bank account by 1/12 in order to ensure that
      your manuscript is forwarded to Nancy and that you receive a 15-
      minute critique slot on 1/31.

      Kathleen Ahrens
      SCBWI-Taiwan Regional Advisor