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27Comfort Kits for Kids Caught in Hurricane Katrina

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  • Kathleen Ahrens
    Sep 7, 2005
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      From Lin Oliver at SCBWI -

      We're putting together "Comfort Kits for Kids."
      We've ordered five hundred canvas tote bags (to start), and
      into each we're going to put two books, a toothbrush and
      toothpaste kit, a flashlight, and a small toy. For younger
      kids, we'll include two picture books and a stuffed animal.
      For older kids, we'll include two chapter book/novels,
      flashlight, toothbrush and a small non-electronic toy like
      jacks or a puzzle or markers. We'll deliver these kits to
      kids who have lost their homes and are in shelters---all
      around the country. We've put up a notice on the website
      for members to send new (or like new) books and new small
      toys, we'll provide the totes and toothbrushes and
      flashlights, and a greeting from children's book creators
      all over the country. If you'd like to participate, please
      send books and/or toys to the office by September 25, and
      label the box Hurricane Help! Steve and I and the staff
      here will put together the Comfort Kits and get them

      The office address is 8271 Beverly Blvd. LA, CA 90048---if
      you or anyone you know wants to send books and/or toys. Oh,
      we've also told members they can send a check if they'd
      prefer---$15.00 buys one comfort kit.

      You can also download the form and donate to the cause ($15/kit), if
      you'd like: http://www.scbwi.org/katrinahelp.htm.

      Fo those filing US taxes, these donations are tax deductible.