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  • Kelly Bennett
    Everyone, I have sad news for the children s book world. Norma Fox Mazer passed away. Norma had an aggressive form of brain cancer which she has been battling
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009
      Everyone, I have sad news for the children's book world. Norma Fox Mazer
      passed away. Norma had an aggressive form of brain cancer which she has been
      battling since this summer. I was privileged to have Norma as my workshop
      leader for two residencies at Vermont College. Norma was funny,
      compassionate and generous with her time and her talent. Through the years,
      her work, and that of her husband, Harry, has delighted, scared, thrilled,
      and inspired me and so many others across the generations. Norman and
      Harry's story, as a couple who committed themselves to writers' lives--while
      raising four children--and how they inspired and challenged each other to
      continue writing more and better, has given me hope when I was struggling to
      maintain my writing life. There are many articles by and about Norma on the
      Internet--and of course all of her books. Let's take time to remember and
      honor Norma.

      If people want to send cards, they should address them to:
      Norma Fox Mazer c/o Markson Thoma Literary Agency, 44 Greenwich Ave., New
      York, NY, 10011.

      Below is a note from posted a few days before Norma passed away:

      "As you probably know, Norma was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor
      (glioblastoma) in the beginning of July. She went through surgery in July to
      remove part of the tumor, and began radiation & chemotherapy treatment in
      August. She was not able to complete the full course of the treatment for a
      number of reasons. Her disease has progressed rapidly, particularly in the
      past few weeks, and she is now very weak physically and spends much of her
      time resting in bed. She is still aware of what is going on around her and
      recently enjoyed a wonderful visit with her grandkids Max & Mollie, her
      daughter Anne, and her two sisters. Joe is living at the house now & we have
      hired full time help to care for her; Norma is surrounded by loving and
      caring people. She's moved downstairs and Harry is now able to visit with
      her (she was upstairs for the first two months of being home & he cannot
      climb the stairs easily) & he can now share in her process on a day to day
      Cards are very much welcome and we will share them with Norma. Visits or
      phone calls are no longer a possibility (except immediate family) due to the
      way her disease has advanced.
      Thanks everyone for all the wonderful cards, messages, and caring thoughts.
      It means a lot to hear how many people love & respect mom & how she has
      touched so many people's lives. It gives us a sense of her beyond our
      family, of the "largeness" of her life.
      Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers.

      Kelly Bennett
      PO Box 4381 JKT ARK
      Houston, TX 77210-4381

      For more about Kelly and her books, visit <http://www.kellybennett.com/>
      "Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of
      generations and nations." --Henry David Thoreau


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