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  • Marianne
    Dotti s note about the newsletter going astray (I got both copies) got me to check some settings on my computer. I discovered that Outlook helpfully supplies
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2008
      Dotti's note about the newsletter going astray (I got both copies) got me to
      check some settings on my computer. I discovered that Outlook "helpfully"
      supplies email reply addresses even after I have deleted them from my
      address book as being invalid. So apparently I sent my Web site report to an
      old address for the list last Thursday. I wondered why no one had said
      anything about it!

      Anyway, below is my report (modified with some new data since Thursday).

      Marianne Dyson

      Author of Space & Astronomy (FOF, 2007);
      Former NASA flight controller;
      http://www.mdyson.com <http://www.mdyson.com/>

      Hello speakers.

      Vicki has informed me that she has found someone to take over the Web site
      duties. Just to be safe, I have backed up/copied the entire site (I finally
      got FireFTP to work on my computer!), so if any of you want any of the image
      or text files from the current site, just let me know.

      We are moving at a good time because our hosting service (Yahoo Geocitites)
      is raising their rates to $12.95 in October, and our domain registration
      also is up for renewal in October. I'm looking into new server options for
      my site and another one I manage, so if any of you would like to recommend a
      service, please do. I'm thinking of GoDaddy because they got good reviews
      and also have the lowest prices. But they don't offer online editing, and I
      appreciate that option when I'm traveling (otherwise, I have to have
      Dreamweaver and FireFTP loaded on my laptop).

      I also made a last check of the statistics and am including my report below.
      I hope this information will be of use to you all.

      Please do not use the email addresses webmaster@... or
      admin@... for me. The other chapter email addresses will
      probably also be changing, but currently ra@... goes to Vicki
      and programs@... goes to Susan. The new Website designer,
      Sarah, will be setting up new email accounts. Dotti will be our webmaster
      and your point of contact for Web stuff as soon as the transition is
      complete. I think you all are going to LOVE the new site. With dynamic
      content by Dotti on the Home page, all of us will benefit from lots of

      I have enjoyed being your webmaster, but I do look forward to being a
      "civilian" again!

      PS When/if you reply to this note, PLEASE DELETE THIS ORIGINAL MESSAGE.
      Otherwise, those of us on digest mode end up with gigantic messages strung
      one after each other repeating everyone saying "thank you" and then the
      original message afterwards.


      Author of Space & Astronomy (FOF, 2007);
      Former NASA flight controller;
      http://www.mdyson.com <http://www.mdyson.com/>

      In the list below, the first number is the total page hits that Yahoo lists.
      This should be the number of hits since page creation (for most pages, in
      November 2006). But somehow the tallies were reset by Yahoo--I know I didn't
      do it (I know how, but I swear I didn't do it!), and I don't know WHEN this
      happened. So I'm listing the current total that Yahoo lists plus the number
      I recorded in April 2007 after TLA that year. (I haven't done such a
      detailed analysis since then.) You can roughly divide the total by 20 months
      to get an estimate of monthly number of hits. The second number represents
      the total after only 5 months.

      The second piece of data is the highest monthly total and what month/year it
      was for. These are generally pretty accurate--at least they have been on my
      site during the last 8 years of data. I did find one that is obviously
      wrong, the 2007 Editor Day page shows a lower monthly total than the
      previous one. I note this happened in January, so I suspect that the data
      reset January 1, 2008.

      Primary Pages Data (pages in the header links) in order with most visited on

      index (home), 7587+2209, 641, Feb07 [same highest monthly for a year and a
      half--we need to get more traffic!]

      speakers 2310+715, 213 Jan07 [the Editors Day event brought in more visitors
      than anything else we've done since]

      newsletter, 1359+307, 118 July 07 [previous highest monthly was 74 in
      Jan07--this shows that the newsletter is the most popular page with our
      members vs. our visitors]

      critique, 1411+343, 97 Feb07 [pretty popular--we might want to add some tips
      for critiquing or something to spice this up to take advantage of the

      news 1072+254, 75 Jan07 [there have been zero sales of books through the
      Amazon links to date, and we've had links for a year now.]

      events, 783+1263, 193 July08 [previous highest monthly was 512 in Feb07]

      calendar, 758+900, 161 Aug08

      about, 468+538, 91 Jul08

      links, 768+199, 54 Jan07

      contact, 184+226, 45 July08 [previous highest monthly was 68 in Feb07.
      Contact pages are never popular, but are always necessary!]

      Secondary Pages

      books (from news page), 17+0 (new), 5 June08 [this page may not be worth the
      effort to maintain]

      submission (from newsletter page), 119+30, 11 Feb08 [previous highest
      monthly was 10 in Feb07]

      2007editorday (from events), 215+1335, 34 Jan08 [previous highest monthly
      was 585 in Feb07, so this new number is an error]

      2008conference (from events), 465+0 (new), 116 May08

      Speaker Pages

      As you will note, most of us had the most monthly hits in January 2007, just
      before our last Editors' Day. If you are one of these people (like me!) that
      had their most hits BEFORE the April 2007 data set, then the total is
      probably correct, and you should NOT add the second number to it. I put the
      +values in parentheses for these folks.

      It seems that TLA 2008 gave a boost to 13 members who had their highest
      totals in April and May 2008.

      Another observation is that people who have domain-name websites such as me
      and Kim, don't have as many hits as some others such as Varsha and Margaret.
      This is because of Google searches on author names. If you own a domain,
      your site pops up first and the person goes there directly. If you don't
      have a domain, the SCBWI speaker page comes up, and the person goes there.
      Comparing the hits between Varsha and Margaret versus me and Kim shows that
      the speaker's bureau marketing is working well for authors without domains,
      and still working some for those who do. Also, the number of hits isn't as
      important as the number of school visits booked -- even one school visit
      booked as a result of the speakers bureau pays for 30-some years of taking
      out a listing! So this is a really great deal for all of us.

      The highest number of hits is to Varsha's page, and the second to Kelly
      Bennett's. This is obviously an effect of their names appearing first and
      second on the speakers page.

      I also did a spot check on daily visits. The most I saw was 5, but most days
      most of us have no visitors at all. The average is less than 1 visit per
      speaker page per day. McManis had the most in the last 30 days, averaging
      almost 2/day.


      Varsha Bajaj, 332(+85), 37 Jan07

      Kelly Bennett, 249(+88), 32 Jan07

      Deborah Blumenthal, 218(+71), 30 Jan07

      Carmen Bredeson, 88+81, 25 Apr08

      Julia Mercedes Castilla, 216+158, 64 May08 [Averages to 19 hits per month, 1
      every other day.]

      Kathy Combs, 37+74, 12 May08

      Dede Fox Ducharme, 43+63, 11 Apr08

      Kathy Duval, 240+60, 30 Oct07

      Marianne Dyson, 192(+58), 20 Jan07 [Averages to about 10 hits per month, 1
      every 3 days.]


      Laura Edge, 230+58, 23 Oct07

      Wayne Edwards, 50+196, 16 May08

      Dotti Enderle, 41+56, 15 May08

      Janet Fox, 73+60, 29 May08

      Debbie Frontiera, 37+63, 14 May08

      Sherry Garland, 149+59, 59 May08

      Jo Harper, 36+57, 11 May08

      Joy Fisher Hein, 38+49, 13 May08


      Layne Johnson, 212(+71), 21 Jan07

      Sydnie Kleinhenz, 59+54, 17 June08

      Ellen Leventhal, 54+0 (new), 13 Apr08

      JoAn Martin, 53+52, 15 Jul08

      Millie Martin, page under construction (no data) but got 94!, 14 Oct07

      Margaret Olivia McManis, 165+67, 52 July08

      Susan Mitchell, 149+0 (new), 20 Feb08

      Kimberly Morris, 52+51, 15 May08


      Tamra Norton, 48+50, 26 Aug08 (but 17 me working on page)

      Ana Maria Rodriguez, 211(+76), 26 Jan07

      Vicki Sansum, page under construction (photo and book cover only) 27+34,

      Pam Van Scoyoc, 189+59, 19 Nov07

      Lynette Dyer Vuong, 180(+59), 28 Jan07

      Mary Wade, 58+58, 9 Aug08

      Kathy Whitehead, 41+54, 14 May08

      Mary Wright, 166(+54), 24 Jan07

      end of data

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