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Re: [scbwi-houston] Concept of Round Robins

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  • jennifer suffredini
    Hi Rebecca, I ve read a bit about this contest on some writer s discussion boards (e.g., the SCBWI national board). Some writers there have been concerned
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 3, 2005
      Hi Rebecca,

      I've read a bit about this contest on some writer's discussion boards
      (e.g., the SCBWI national board). Some writers there have been concerned
      about it. I'm pasting in one of the posts below. The discussion is under
      the topic "Scholastic Contest" on the SCBWI national board.

      Jenny Suffredini

      Here's the post:

      Here's a contest that Scholastic is sponsoring in Woman's Day magazine:


      It seems the grand prize is only $115 worth of books, they keep all rights,
      and the author only gets free copies and sales in the Scholastic Book Club.

      Listen to rule 5:

      5. Submission of an entry grants Sponsors the exclusive right to publish,
      illustrate, edit, and print the entry for any and all purposes in any media
      whether currently in existence or hereafter invented (including but not
      limited to print and digital media) without further notice or compensation
      to the entrant or winner. Winner may be required to sign all necessary
      documents to transfer copyright ownership of the winning entry to Sponsors.

      What's up with this? What do you all think about it?

      I'd like to know what our SCBWI board has to say about this. I'd love to
      know what Scholastic has to say as well. In my opinion, this is as bad as
      any sham poetry outfit. If your picture book becomes another Click Clack
      Moo, you won't get paid a dime.

      For shame, Scholastic!!

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      > [Original Message]
      > From: Rebecca Nolen <rlnolen@...>
      > To: <scbwi-houston@yahoogroups.com>
      > Date: 6/3/2005 10:27:07 AM
      > Subject: Re: [scbwi-houston] Concept of Round Robins
      > My pacing issue is that the first few chapters sound like a different
      > from the rest of the novel but I must have a set up.
      > I've gotten some really good tips so far.
      > 1)Read it aloud.
      > 2)Press delete button for all parts not integral to the story as a whole.
      > Very good input - but not sure how I will implement. Must find time
      > somewhere.
      > I'm eating left-over shish-k-bob as I write. The meat is somewhat fatty
      > full of grilled flavor, hard to resist. Not healthy. The mushrooms are
      > healthy, however so I am expected to live.
      > Am dressed and have make-up on. Have spoken to three humans besides myself
      > this morning. My husband (hello, goodbye) my neighbor (did the bird that
      > crashed into your window yesterday survive? Yes) and my daughter (I can't
      > get you Subway for lunch. I must sit and wait for the cable man.)
      > Have completed finally another picture book which have worked on for a lot
      > of years. The Goose one. I finally figured out the WHY. The only way I
      > do it was because I folded 8 sheets of paper in half and wrote out the
      > in a picture book format with approx. 2 lines per page. My motivation came
      > from the requirements of the Woman's Day picture book contest. Go to
      > Womansday.com/scholastic to see specifics. The deadline is Sept. 30. Now I
      > ve let the cat out of the bag - you all must enter so the competition will
      > be even stiffer.
      > I understand better by touch and feel apparently so folding the sheets of
      > paper works for me.
      > I feel pretty good about putting this entry in the mail. Mind you it
      > look like there is any money reward - just publication. What do you all
      > think about that? I think the publicity if chosen is reward enough at this
      > point.
      > I think contests are great. What do you all think? There are a lot out
      > But must be very cautious about poetry contests!! there are some bogus
      > Like publisher's clearinghouse they use tricky language.
      > "What is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or
      > conversation?" Lewis Carroll
      > -------Original Message-------
      > From: Linda Woodward
      > Date: 06/02/05 11:52:44
      > To: scbwi-houston@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [scbwi-houston] Concept of Round Robins
      > Hello all,
      > I think it would be a plus to have dialogues on writing issues in the Hou
      > SCBWI. There are MANY gifted writers such as Kimberly who we need to
      > entreat to put away her cat photos and get her investigative journalism
      > skills hat out. Some quick thoughts:
      > * Writing for me is 24/7 lifelong. Always has been-whether
      > doing a brain tumors atlas in a medical school or environmental
      > meeting an EPA Consent Decree that meted out 26-volumes to our corporate
      > polluters, plus jail. I suspect most here are like this-always writer's
      > questions. I take a long time to get groceries because I start looking at
      > labeling, fonts, and design. Can't even go NEAR the international foods
      > sections
      > * Ok, so if writing is the literary ocean, then a conference
      > a day's dock party-no more, no less-fresh wind for one's sails, ideas to
      > repair one's craft, etc. But it doesn't address the other 364 days of the
      > year when we are still struggling with writer's issues.
      > * Also, a conference or critique group (and I founded one in
      > Ann Arbor that last 5 years-all graduate students) cannot answer those 3AM
      > questions that vaporize at dawn-such as, I wonder if it would be
      > to have a dog meow? Quick, do a post to SBCWI before anyone wakes up.
      > * Then, any member could just respond to such a post if they
      > felt like it. Obviously, we've all got fragile, artistic egos, so one
      > want to try to be polite. In other words, we wouldn't say "No stupid,
      > CANNOT meow. You need to get away from that cattery."
      > * It might be interesting to discuss what makes a BAD story
      > fun, citing examples from the kiddy lit of horrible passages and plots.
      > * On my cat LIST, there are approximately 30-40 emails a
      DAY; I
      > subscribe to the Digest so I can quickly skim the topics and also note the
      > author. I have a friend there, a world class breeder, who has a big
      > contract with Purina for on-location shots featuring her Ragdolls which
      > up on food bags. Any time I see HER posts, I grab them. I have a huge
      > OUTLOOK indexing system, so I actually move them to her folder. Topics
      > such as Birthing, I move because there are tons of good tips. And so on.
      > * I think the trick is to just TRY it out here for size and
      > how it works and modify as we go along.
      > * Another trick is to be extremely specific-such as in the
      > pacing query-several kinds of pacing, so tell me more about your issue
      > it.
      > * Because of the quality of the writers I've seen in Houston,
      > it would be interesting to find out how they find their story ideas; how
      > they organize their journals, say; do they eat comfort foods when they
      > write? You know, it can be dumb stuff too.
      > * Another advantage that is impossible to do well at a
      > conference or critique group is the Internet-one can post references to
      > craft of writing-links-etc. It would take forever from a conference.
      > Anyway, just a few thoughts. Kimberly, what a good sport you are!
      > Linda Woodward
      > Ribbons N Rags\
      > <http://www.home.earthlink.net/~ribbonsnrags/>
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