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FW: Artists helping children

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  • Kelly Bennett
    Folks, Dianna is a children s author and SCBWI member from the Austin Area. Following is a holiday request from her. _____ From: Dianna Aston
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2004
      Folks, Dianna is a children's author and SCBWI member from the Austin
      Area. Following is a holiday request from her.

      From: Dianna Aston [mailto:DiannaAston@...]
      Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 10:48 AM
      To: Frances Hill; Davey Paul Joseph Aston; Dianna Aston
      Subject: Artists helping children

      Dear artist friends, editors, librarians, and agents:

      Some of you I know very well and some only a little or not at all, but if
      you're receiving this, I know your work and admire what you do. I decided to
      send this request on behalf of some beautiful souls, needy children all,
      despite my reluctance to ask; I know how often you're asked to donate. I
      live in Central Texas where the have-nots far outnumber the haves. It's one
      thing to know inequities on an intellectual level and another to realize it,
      at last, on an emotional one. This is what happened to me this year, at the
      fine age of 40. As an author, I'm invited to do school visits at all kinds
      of schools, but the children who touch me most are those who live on "the
      other side," where small kindnesses are met with surprise and huge smiles.
      I've realized we have so much to be grateful for -- and I'm reminded of that
      saying, To whom much is given, much will be demanded. (I can't remember the
      quote, but it's roughly that.)

      This year we decided to adopt a family for Christmas. The mother requested a
      crockpot, the children warm jackets, and the father, a shirt. The 9-year-old
      boy, I'm happy to say, went all out and asked for a remote control Hummer.
      For this family and others like them, things like books, music, art, CD
      players (and batteries), jewelry and more are more than luxuries. In
      addition to the basics they've asked for, I'd like to give them some
      luxuries. If any of you would be willing to donate a signed book, picture,
      CD, poster, necklace or whatever your specialty is, I would be most
      grateful. I'm hoping for a George Bailey moment, not only for this family
      but for the many others on the list.

      In return, I'd be happy to donate one of my books to needy children or
      libraries on your list.

      Together, we can do so much. If you'd like to donate, my address and phone
      are below; and if you have your own charities to which you give, there is no
      need to reply. I appreciate your consideration, and wish you all much
      happiness and continued success.

      With love,

      Dianna Hutts Aston
      122 Maple Drive
      Buda, Tx. 78610

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