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Give your kids Mars for Christmas!

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  • Marianne
    I m happy to announce the birth of a new e-anthology for kids with two of my stories in it. Here s the Amazon description (that I wrote and that hopefully
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2012

      I’m happy to announce the “birth” of a new e-anthology for kids with two of my stories in it.  Here’s the Amazon description (that I wrote and that hopefully hits all the right key words, etc.!):


      What would it be like to live on Mars? Find out in The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars, an anthology for middle-school readers created by science fiction writers and a team of engineers at 4Frontiers Corporation. The stories take place at Bradbury Base, a realistic Mars settlement that is full of surprises for the first kids growing up there. The nine original tales in the book are beautifully illustrated by Michael Carroll whose artwork has flown in space. Contributors include Hugo-winning author Ben Bova, young adult authors Jim Denney and Rebecca Rowe, artist Phil Smith, former NASA flight controller Marianne Dyson, space scientist Brian Enke, and aerospace engineer Tom Hill. Proceeds will support educational projects to promote the human settlement of the space frontier (by the kids who read this book!).

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      That last sentence is the reason I volunteered to do the work to get this book published on Kindle (and eventually on CreateSpace). Now that I’m “retired” and can afford to spend time on things that aren’t likely to make money but will be fun, I realized some of the most fun I’ve had as a writer was working on these stories with this group. Brian and Michael and I had previously discussed how we’d like to run a contest to generate more stories and art, and the President and VP of 4Frontiers (who own the rights and licenses) agreed to donate the proceeds to set this up.


      Selling enough copies to cover the expenses and generate prize money for a contest is an exciting challenge for me personally. I’m looking forward to finding new ways to leverage my participation in space organizations and on social networks such as FB, LinkedIn, Goodreads, etc. to qualify for recognition in SCBWI, which is 1,000 copies, and do so within 2 years! Succeed or fail, I’ll be gathering data and reporting to you all about the effectiveness of the various marketing efforts. I know I can learn a lot from this group!


      I’d sure appreciate it if you’d help me get started by dropping by the new Facebook page I created called “4Frontiers Authors” and “liking” it! (A page has to have 30 likes to generate statistics—and you all know I love statistics!) And maybe some of you have kids/grandkids (especially boys ages 8-13!) who are getting Kindles or iPads (with Kindle apps) for Christmas? I put the story blurbs, author photos, bios, and a link to Amazon on some new pages I created on my website: http://www.mdyson.com/4mars.html and http://www.mydson.com/4marsAbout.html . Thanks for checking them out—and in advance for your feedback on how to improve these efforts!


      Happy holidays everyone!


      Marianne Dyson


      Golden Kite & AIP Science Writing Award winner;

      Former NASA Flight Controller;


      Twitter/Facebook: MarianneDyson


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