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Golden Kite Award submission info

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  • Vicki Sansum
    Hi all, Below is a reminder for Pal members to have send their books published in 2012 to be considered for the SCBWI Golden Kite Award. Our chapter has had
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2012
      Hi all,
      Below is a reminder for Pal members to have send their books published in 2012 to be considered for the SCBWI Golden Kite Award. Our chapter has had two previous winners, Carmen Bredesen and Marriane Dyson. The Austin chapter also had a winner this year in the illustrator category. Read the guidelines and have your publisher send your book(s) in, you never know, you might be the next winner!

      Golden Kite Award Deadline - January 4th, 2013

       Dear Pal Member,  


      As you know, the Golden Kite Awards given by the SCBWI have become a very prestigious honor for the recipients.  The winners in each category (Fiction, Non Fiction, Picture Book Text and Picture Book Illustration) receive $2500 in prize money, a trip to Los Angeles to receive their award at our International Conference, are featured on a beautiful poster that goes out to libraries, schools and bookstores, and receive national publicity through our Bulletin, interviews on our blog, and extensive press releases.  It's become a coveted award.
      We definitely want your book to be included in this year's Golden Kite Awards.  If your book was published in 2012, we encourage you to check with your publisher's editor and marketing department to be sure that your book is submitted for this esteemed award


      Because of Hurricane Sandy, we have extended the deadline for receiving your book from your publisher is January 4th, 2013. See the below for more details. 


      1.  Read the Guidelines Carefully

      Go to the Awards and Grants section on our website to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for the Golden Kite Awards . You can find these at http://www.scbwi.org/Pages.aspx/Submission-Guidelines--Publishers   


      2. Make sure that your SCBWI membership is current!

      Onlycurrent members of SCBWI (membership must be valid at least through April 1, 2013) are eligible for the Golden Kite Awards. Not sure when your membership expires? Log in at SCBWI.org and click on "Membership Renewal." Your member expiration date will be shown at the top of that page.


      3. Update Your Publication Information!

       After you have logged in to scbwi.org, click on "Manage Profile" and be sure to enter the name and publication date of your most recent book. Then, choose your publisher from one of the drop-down menus. If you have any trouble updating your profile, feel free to call our offices at 323-782-1010 during business hours (9 AM - 5:30 PM, Pacific, Monday - Friday) and someone will be happy to assist you. This will also ensure that you can submit for our Crystal Kite  Awards.


      3. Check with your publisher to see if they've sent us your book.

      Most publishers have their publicity departments handle awards submissions, but a quick email to your editor to make sure that someone is submitting your book for the Golden Kite Award is a good idea.



      We are very excited about the 2013 Golden Kite Awards and look forward to receiving your book!




      Sara Rutenberg

      Golden Kite Award Coordinator

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