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Opportunity for Illustrator/Graphic Designer

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  • Vicki Sansum
    Hi all, I just received the below message from Texas Children s Hospital. They are looking for an illustrator/graphic designer to do free-hand drawing and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2012
      Hi all,
      I just received the below message from Texas Children's Hospital. They
      are looking for an illustrator/graphic designer to do free-hand drawing
      and lay-out for patient education materials. They are looking to hire
      someone quickly for this project. She didn't state a budget, her remarks
      about budget are stated below.
      If you or if you know of an illustrator/graphic person who would be
      interested please contact Hui-Liang Loh at Texas Children's. Her email
      and phone are listed below.

      Dear Vicki:

      My name is Hui Loh. I am the Brand Marketing Specialist here at Texas
      Children’s Hospital.

      We are currently working on developing new patient education materials.
      As our resources are limited internally, we are looking to hire a
      freelancer for this project. It will probably start off as a one-job
      with potential to evolve into a series of projects for different
      diagnoses. We would greatly appreciate your help in recommending the
      appropriate candidates.

      These patient education materials will be diagnosis-specific and be
      targeted towards different four age groups – pre-school children,
      school-age children, pre-teens and teens and also each group’s siblings.
      So we are looking to develop eight education sheets for each diagnosis.

      The copy is developed by our patient educators so the freelancer will be
      responsible for the graphics and layout. Most of the copy is
      informational accompanied by activities to reinforce the education. So
      the graphics will not only entail drawing characters of different ages
      and ethnicities to reflect the target audience but also drawing them as
      well as corresponding activities in different environments such as a
      stomach, hospital bed or wheelchair.

      So we really need an excellent children’s art illustrator with
      experience in free-hand drawing to develop this array of characters and
      activities and who also possesses the technical knowledge to lay
      everything out. We need someone who is very detailed-oriented and meets
      deadlines. Our previous hire set us back a few months in this project so
      we need to hire someone fairly quickly.

      In terms of budget, we are in no position to hire an agency which is why
      we think that this is a good project for a junior freelancer looking to
      add to his/her portfolio. But we are not opposed to more seasoned
      illustrators either. Our budget can be flexible based on skill set.

      Thank you again for your time and help. Please let us know if there is
      any additional information that you need.


      Hui-Liang Loh
      Brand Marketing Specialist
      Texas Children’s Hospital

      832-824-2708 | fax: 832-825-2624
      1919 S. Braeswood Blvd., Suite 6226 | Houston, TX 77030
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