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374Eileen Day Critique Info

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  • Kelly Bennett
    Sep 1, 2003
      Forgive me if you receive this note twice--I sent it to 2 data bases so I'd
      be sure everyone got the word, and forgive me if you are receiving this and
      didn't attend Eileen Day or put anything in her bonus box.

      For the rest of you, Eileen e-mailed me on Saturday. She said that critique
      responses are being sent out to everyone, some of you have already heard
      from her, others should expect a response in the next few weeks. Once again,
      Eileen said to tell everyone thanks for showing her such a great time in

      Kelly Goldman Bennett
      22307 Stormcroft Lane
      Katy, TX 77450-6700
      (281) 395-4620