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2786school visit opportunity in Killeen

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  • Tamra Norton
    Apr 3, 2006
      There is a school visit opportunity at Haybranch Elementary in Killeen on Friday, April 28th. I'll mention right off the bat that this isn't a paid event. It's their school's "Career Day" and they have invited a few different people of various professions--they really wanted to have an author this year. There will be several 25 minute presentations throughout the day (same presentation--"What it's like to be an author"--geared to various grade levels). I'm sure you'd be able to hand out bookmarks with a website...but probably not something like a book order form. If you're interested, please contact me right away.

      I was scheduled to do this school event in Killeen when the Utah Commission on Literacy and the governer's wife scheduled a huge event at Hill AFB in Utah on the 26th (when I was supposed to be arriving back in Texas after 2 weeks of UT school visits). The Commission and Gov's wife are giving out 100 copies of my book, she'll be reading from it, and I guess they want me to say a few words--ug! I'm actually really honored...just a little nervous. :) But since it takes 3 days to drive back from UT, and my publisher is pressuring me to be there (and...well...I'd rather sell my big toe than miss this thing) I really need a replacement. I talked to the counselor at Haybranch and she'd love to have another children's author take over.

      Soooooooo...any takers? :) If interested, e-mail me at tamra@... .


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