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2271Fw: Operation Books for Refugees from Katrina, Request for books donations

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  • Dotti Enderle
    Sep 1, 2005
      This is from Diana at Sisters In Crime...

      We did it! In less than 10 hours of non-stop effort this project is now ready to be put into motion. We are going to provide those who are refugees from the devastation of Katrina some pleasure in the midst of so much pain.

      The wonderful people at Borders Bookstores national headquarters graciously agreed to participate. We are awaiting final approval to include all Waldenbooks stores also.

      Every Borders bookstore throughout Houston will now accept donations of books for Operation Books for Refugees from Katrina.

      Diane and Diana will coordinate the pick up and delivery of the books for every Saturday. STARTING THIS SATURDAY

      Saturday will mean new and wonderful books for these people.

      This project will last as long as there are refugees in the Astrodome.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us.

      Here's what we need from you:

      We will need manpower volunteers to drive to the stores closest to them and pick up and deliver the books to the Astrodome. You will probably/hopefully need a dolly.

      Please email us to tell us which store you are willing to be in charge of and all the Saturdays you can pick up and deliver to the Astrodome.

      We will let you know procedures for delivery.

      We need people to donate books to these stores. Go to the Borders Bookstores Website for locations and information:


      We thank you in advance for helping!

      Diane Teichman


      Diana Driver


      Diana L. Driver
      Ninth Lord of the Night
      an archaeological action/suspense
      (May 2005)

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