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14313Re: [scbwi-houston] Working with The Real Buzz!

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    Aug 6, 2014
      That is exciting news! An out-of-this world and once in a lifetime opportunity!
      Kathy Whitehead
      ---- "'M Dyson' m@... [scbwi-houston]" <scbwi-houston@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > I told some of you about this at our monthly meeting back in March, and then
      > some more at our conference in April, but finally the contracts are all
      > signed and sealed, and I can officially announce that I'm coauthoring a
      > children's book with Buzz Aldrin for National Geographic Kids. It's called
      > Buzz Aldrin on Mars: Making a Home on the Red Planet.
      > I get a byline, an advance and royalties, too. But this is not about money
      > for me, it is a wonderful opportunity to work with one of my childhood
      > heroes and help him inspire more kids to learn about space. National Geo
      > says they will cover my travel to join him for some book signings, too! I'll
      > be sure to let you all know when we do one here in Houston. (The book is
      > scheduled for Fall 2015 release.) One of my good friends, Leonard David, did
      > the Mission to Mars book with Buzz, and said the signings were a real hoot.
      > People would come up to get Buzz to sign the book and ask Leonard, "Who are
      > you?" I'm sure that will happen with me, too, but it will be so much fun!
      > Leonard said Buzz just lights up when kids come to get a book signed. At age
      > 84, he is very well aware that getting the kids inspired is important if we
      > are ever going to go beyond Earth orbit again. I love his T-shirt that says,
      > "Get Your Ass to Mars!" But somehow I think parents might not appreciate it
      > if he wears that one to book signings! Ha!
      > Marianne Dyson
      > Author, Former NASA Flight Controller
      > <http://www.mdyson.com/> http://www.mdyson.com
      > Twitter/Facebook: MarianneDyson
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