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13435Re: [scbwi-houston] Mary Wade...Criminal

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  • marydwade@...
    Feb 17, 2014
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      Well, it's tempting, but I'm afraid readers might confuse me with the girl!
      But I am wondering why Dotti was wandering around on the site called Prison Voices???
      In a message dated 2/17/2014 5:22:47 A.M. Central Standard Time, ctbkaty@... writes:

      Mary, you really should write a book about this! What a story.


      On Feb 16, 2014, at 8:11 PM, marydwade@... wrote:

      There is, of course, a reason I put a middle initial D with my name. Not the least of which is that my Medicare has gotten mixed up with someone else of the same name here in Houston...I'm guessing that's why the doctor's office wants to know your birthdate when you call about something. 
      As for the Mary Wade in this piece, I skipped down to see what happened to her -- 21 children! Help!
       a message dated 2/16/2014 4:58:36 P.M. Central Standard Time, enderle4@... writes:

      I could barely concentrate while reading this because the young girl’s name is Mary Wade. J




      aka Dax Varley - YA Author


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