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  • Elizabeth White
    Feb 16, 2014
      Thank you, Mary and Deborah for sharing your own experiences.

      What I love about this post is that Robin LaFevers is NOT, of course, saying, "it's so hard, it's just not worth it," but, rather, that very, very few people hit the jackpot, so make sure you have deeper reasons propelling you than hopes of achieving fame and fortune. (This is my interpretation of her post, at least.) She recommends we "be wary of what hidden emotional pay off (we) are expecting from (our) writing, for it may not follow."

      For LaFevers, earning lots of money is not what her work is about. Instead, she creates her own definition of wealth:  "I have come to define wealth as having unstructured, minimally committed time to do my writing unencumbered by deadlines or contracts."

      I love this.

      And, I love that LaFevers recommends that, "as writers, we need to ask ourselves some probing questions. What do we want out of our writing career? What about writing is most important to us? The act of it? Or is it a means to some other end? And what are we willing to sacrifice—if anything—in order to make that dream a reality?"

      We are blessed to be writers, and the difficulties are a large part of the blessing.



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