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  • Wayne Edwards
    Nov 23, 2013
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      I have published 16 books using Lightning Source and I am very happy with them. I was interested in Xlibris only as a source of getting my manuscripts on eBook and Kendal. When they so quickly reduced there $450 price down to $350 and then $250, I smelled a Rat. I specified, no hard copy, digital only. Who would you or any of the members recommend for digitizing my manuscript for Kendal? I am putting a 100 page book together of grownup poems for that purpose, using my poetry and illustrations that are on facebook.com/thefamilypoet. The illustrations make it difficult.

      On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 5:22 PM, Deborah Frontiera <dfrontiera@...> wrote:

      No, X=Libris is NOT a good deal. You pay them a bunch of money and then they charge you 60% of retail to buy your own books for resale. They, like many other such companies, are the modern vanity presses. No major book stores will order your books (because they are "not returnable") and even if an independent books store agrees to take them on consignment, you will make nothing because the book store will only pay you 60%.
      If you are going to pay to publish, be completely independent! Don't have your book owned by some vanity press, no matter what they promise.
      Debbie Frontiera

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