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  • Vonna Carter
    Oct 22, 2013
      Reminder! The deadline for the November newsletter is Friday, October 25.

      Please send your author/illustrator related news, including one photo if available, to:

      Please do not send news intended for the newsletter to any of my other email addresses; it gets lost among my bills, PTA and social media notices, and my many subscriptions to listserves and newsletters. Then I feel terrible when I finally work my way through my inboxes and find that someone's special news got left out. :(

      Please remember, only news of current SCBWI members may be published in our newsletter. If you are not a current member but would like to have your news included, please go to SCBWI.org and join or renew your membership.

      VonnaCarter.com: Children's & YA Agents/Editors at Conferences, Workshops/Retreats/Online Workshops