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10589Re: FB or blog or both?

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  • cherie
    Jun 3, 2012
      Great info, everyone. Didn't even THINK about staging a few NOTES on FB, Bridgette. Great idea! Thanks, c:

      --- In scbwi-houston@yahoogroups.com, Bridgette Mongeon <bridgette@...> wrote:
      > Definitely both and I would add twitter to that as well.
      > However, don't make more work for yourself. Post on your blog, take those blog posts and add them as "notes" to your facebook page. Facebook does not import blogs anymore, but that is o.k. because they really did a poor job at that anyway. If you make them as notes then your images will come across your facebook page in your notes. Facebook will import your tweets, if you desire, and I would tweet about the book or things pertinent to what you write about.
      > have fun!
      > Bridgette
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