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Re: Moor/Nubian/Italian

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  • mackayjenn
    OK, putting my 2 centavos in here... I am myself of mixed heritage: European (several nations here) and Native American. I call myself an American if anyone
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 25, 2007
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      OK, putting my 2 centavos in here...

      I am myself of mixed heritage: European (several nations here) and
      Native American. I call myself an American if anyone asks. :) I'm a
      fair-skinned, dark-haired, dark-eyed gal. My persona is English at
      the moment, however, I have an interest in Al-Andalus Spain pre-1492,
      and ancient Rome.

      I've been learning rectangular construction so I can eventually do
      some garb for Al-Andalus. The area and time period interests me.

      Husband is technically a Filipino-Canadian-American, but try and
      explain that one and why, and people will get a headache.

      We tried researching HIS ancestral historical time period (late
      15th/early 16th c.) All I could come up with was info on traditional
      native dress (pre-Spanish contact and conquest) was basically next to
      NADA... nothing... hence, nearly naked. HE did not want to go
      there. :) The other option was adopted Spanish late period styles,
      but again, it didn't suit him. He didn't want it.

      I wiped the sweat off my proverbial brow with relief because I would
      have been hard-pressed to make it for him at my sewing skill level! :)

      So he thought, hey, maybe I could be a pirate. That lasted for about
      five minutes. Movie pirate vs. real pirate/privateer are two
      different things. (Word of warning: never take any historical fiction
      or movie as "gospel" on garb! Hollywood lies and cheats big time on
      how they represent clothes.)

      Next, he considered Mongolian garb. Filipinos do have Chinese
      ancestry as well as Spanish, potentially some Japanese, and some
      aboriginal tribe or such in the southern islands. My hubby is very
      dark-skinned for a person from his country. He can skip the sunblock,
      where I can't. :)Heh... I ran into a problem: OK, I can't speak
      Chinese! You want WHAT??

      And then he changed his mind AGAIN... (sigh) He finally decided to do
      an early Roman persona. He fell in love with the simple style of
      clothing and all the fascinating things about their fairly advanced
      ancient civilization. Works for me... since I get to sew all the
      garb. We couldn't afford to play if I didn't.

      I'm glad I didn't invest heavily into anything until he made up his
      mind! :)

      The point is, if you want to be a Viking, DO it. Who cares if you
      aren't actually of Scandinavian background? The SCA is supposed to be
      fun. So, have fun! Do your research to be as authentic as you want to
      be and can afford to be. Norse stuff is basically linen and wool for
      the most part. Antir is heavily Norse, so I've always got folks
      trying to "convert" me. :)

      You can also make specific garb for a themed event. Say the theme is
      Egyptian, then there you go--be an Egyptian for a few days.

      Whatever you do, have fun doing it! Otherwise, what's the point?

      Gemma Northwood
      Barony of Stromgard
      Vancouver, WA
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