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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Camping event

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      <<I guess I can sum up my question as: What Do I Do?

      I'm not going to fight, but everything else is a mystery to me. So what
      would you do after you decided to go? Nothing is too small a detail! >>

      The first thing you need to do is decide where you are sleeping and keeping
      your stuff. Are there cabins available? If so, check with the
      reservationist to see if there are spaces left and what they are like - do you need to
      bring a mattress, for example, or are cots with mattresses provided? If there
      are not cabins, you need a tent of some sort. Modern tents are perfectly
      fine, but I strongly advise against backpacker style small tents that you have
      to crawl into and out of. It's very difficult to dress in medieval clothing
      inside one of those, and can be even harder getting in and out. You want
      either a cabin style or a high dome that you can stand up in and walk in and out
      the door of.
      Next, sleeping stuff. Keeping your bed off the floor is advisable. For
      one, it's easier to get in and out of bed and you can store stuff under your
      bed, leaving more floor space free. Two, it's often warmer being off the
      ground. And three, when a tent gets wet, it is usually due to seepage up through
      the floor rather than from drips from the roof. So if your bed is on the
      floor, it's the first thing to get wet. If it's raised, you can have a dry
      comfortable bed even if your feet are sloshing around on the floor.
      For storing stuff, the modern solution is to put everything in plastic. The
      period solution is to put things in containers with legs, so the bottom of
      the container is not on the floor (see three under tents).

      What to do at the event? Some possible options: Watch the fighting.
      Waterbear (carry water) for the fighters. Help with some set-up or clean-up task
      at the event. There may be classes available to take. Look for a period
      games tent or corner. If you know how to play chess or backgammon, those are
      both period games; bring your set along and see if you can find someone to play
      with. Bring a small period-appropriate art or craft and work on that while
      you watch other things. Look around and see what crafts other people are
      doing and ask them about what they are doing.

      Most especially, when you arrive at the event, notify the person at the gate
      that you are new and ask where you can find the chatelaine (some kingdoms
      use the term hospitaller; in the East it is chatelaine). This is the person
      whose job it is to help newcomers get acclimated. If for some reason the
      person with the title isn't available, most likely the person at the gate will be
      able to direct you to someone else who can show you around.

      And don't be afraid to ask questions or to offer to help. The most likely
      responses are to tell you as much as you want to know about the question or to
      gladly accept the help. Events take a lot of work to put on, and more hands
      makes it easier for everyone.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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