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  • Janet
    Hey folks, some of you may have already heard on other lists about the pile of belongings (mostly weapons and armor) stolen from Gulf Wars recently. (I m not
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      Hey folks, some of you may have already heard on other lists about the pile of belongings (mostly weapons and armor) stolen from Gulf Wars recently. (I'm not posting the detailed list as it is rather lengthy, but if you haven't seen it and want to know what to watch for, let me know and I'll send you a copy.) Since this is a newcomers list and camping season is quickly approaching for many of us, I thought I would send along some helpful suggestions/reminders. (sorry it's so long)

      #1Mark all weapons, armor, chairs, pavillions, and anything else of value or importance. If you have a personal device or badge use it. If not, use your household or shire device. a simple 1"X1" version somewhere on each object not only deters theft (Come on, it's like having your name written all over it, anyone who knows anything about this game wouldn't risk it), but also, if things come up missing, it's a very simple way for others to help identify your items and get them back to you (whether they be stolen or just lost/misplaced...how many people have dropped a gauntlet on the way from the list back to camp!) Much easier than trying to describe all your items...a stick wrapped in duct tape is a stick wrapped in duct tape to most non-stickjocks (no offense). If you tell me there's a black horse head with a red background on everything, well, I would be able to recognize that a whole lot easier.

      #2Get to know your neighbors. When you set up camp for the weekend or even a day camp, introduce yourselves to your neighbors. First of all, it's a great way to meet new people. Secondly, if you're friendly with your neighbors and they know who belongs at your camp, they can recognize if someone/thing looks fishy around your camp.

      #3Goes along with #2. Watch out for you neighbors. If you see something fishy at a neighbors camp...people who don't belong, etc either go over and say hi and ask if you can help them with anything (anyone who's ever worked in a store knows the rule that if you think someone is shoplifting, go ask if they need help. If someone knows they are being watched, they won't do anything wrong.) or if you aren't comfortable approaching the person yourself talk to the event staff or let you neighbors know someone was at their site.

      #4Finally, remember that 90% (or some percentage meaning most/a lot) of everyone in the SCA are good people, but there are thousands of people in the SCA, so that small percentage of not-so-good people still adds up to be quite a few troublemakers. That means even though thefts are rare, they still happen, so try to take every precaution to secure your belongings and camp whenever possible. It's hard to remember sometimes because we meet so many good people.

      I Hope this is helpful to both newbies and old-timers alike!

      In service,
      Artisan Member/Steward of the Legion of the Night Mare
      North Oaken, Middle Kingdom

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